High End Audio Speakers? Now Both Small Size and High Performance Coexist

Now Both Small Size and High Performance Coexist

The design goals for the MC5b Reference high end audio speakers were to use them with a high fidelity home theater receiver or high end stereo preamp without a sub, or also with a high quality subwoofer like the ELA-3 or ELA-5… while also being very small.


Small size of the MC5b

The difficulty was that with small size usually comes very little high quality sound output.

EbenLee Audio makes very large speakers; and to some extent the performance of the larger models cannot be matched by anything else.

But the sound that the demur’ MC5b produces in such a small package is quite surprising.

And they are voiced the same as their much larger siblings. There’s just less impact, slam, and outright volume capability but this is high end home audio for sure.

Still, the MC5b produces some of the most accurate and easy to listen to tones and ‘you are there’ imaging and presence as any speaker on the market today. And they do this at an affordable price… This truly is a high end audio speaker of the first degree.

The MC5b Reference speaker was designed capable of bass response below what the Mini Cube or Mini Cube2 speakers could produce.

It was decided that passive radiators would be used in addition to two full range drivers that would bring the response of the system into the mid 50Hz range. As a result, the bass is very satisfying and full for a speaker of its size.

This is a tiny speaker… not as little as the Mini Cube speakers, but at only 5” wide, 13.5” tall, and 9” deep; they certainly qualify as petite home entertainment speakers.

Standalone stereo speakers or with a home theater subwoofer

The MC5b home speaker system can be used as a standalone speaker… or for deep bass impact it will also mate very well with a subwoofer.

Easily driven by almost any home theater receiver these high end audio speakers will get you true Hi Fi sound without spending a fortune.

Can be used for a home theater center channel also as seen in picture laying horizontal.

reference bookshelf speakers MC5b home theater speakers

The MC5b Reference uses no crossover and has all the coherence of a full range driver but with the addition of satisfying bass and upper octave treble too.

It speaks as one piece, or sounds completely put together and coherent. This is very difficult to achieve at this price point.

The MC5b also works great as a center channel. This speaker sounds amazing on voices, dialog and home theater. Vocals are produced with clarity rarely heard on speakers anywhere near this price point. You have to hear it to believe it.

The MC5b speaker is bipolar, meaning that the active driver on the front and the rear are identical and are playing out of phase with each other. Both drivers push away from the speaker cabinet at the same time, so are broadcasting the same signal both front and rear.

There are 2 active drivers, (one in front, and one mounted rear). There are 3 passive radiators on the MC5; two in front, and one around back. The tuning of the cabinet and drivers is 57Hz, providing bass down to about 55Hz from such a tiny package…. Impressive.

The finish is high gloss black. Custom colors are available on request.


high end home theater speakers and acoustic audio speakers

Features of the MC5b high end audio speakers

• Baltic birch ply enclosures

• Layered cabinet type build. (think; Magico Mini or M5) Not a box, the cabinet is built up of layers from front to back. Very rigid and robust. Expensive? Yes… but the extremely robust speaker cabinet this creates is worth the extra costs. (see CAD drawing showing stacked panels)

• Continuous baffle

• Cylinder inner cavity

mini cube speakers and the MC5b speaker

• No parallel walls (each individual internal layer is cut at an angle, so the walls are not parallel)

• Cabinet does not support standing waves


A Great Resource

Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.


Specifications of the MC5b home theatre speakers:


• Power handling: 10 watts – 150 watts

• Sensitivity: 87db

• Dimensions: 4.9W x 13.5H x 9.2D

• Frequency response: 55Hz to 25,000Hz (+/-3db measured in room)


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