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Measurements for the EbenLee Audio ELA-3 subwoofer and MC2 speakers


Home audio surround sound systems measurement data for the ELA-3 subwoofer, Mini Cube Speakers and Mini Cube 2 speakers. We will be adding more measurements soon but this should be enough to show the superiority of the MC2 speakers and ELA-3 subwoofer.

I do most of these measurements at the listening position because this data helps the typical user. It doesn’t do you much good to know how a speaker measures in a room that you will never listen in such as an anechoic chamber. These are real world results for real speakers in a real room.

1. Spectogram for MC2 speaker. The red areas are hot zones or areas that could use some EQ. This is very controlled response considering no EQ has been done at this point.

surround sound system review


2. ELA-3 subwoofer frequency response plot. In room response taken at 92db. Placement was 4 ft from side wall and 3.5ft from front wall. No boost applied. 1/6th octave smoothing.

dipole speaker Instrument 9


3. Spectral Decay of Mini Cube 2 speakers from 200Hz to 10Khz. 300ms window. Taken at listening position, so this also has all artifacts from the room. Still excellent performance.

Mini cube speakers 2 waterfall decay plot 200hz to 10khz


4. Frequency response of ELA-3 subwoofer and Mini Cube 2 speaker system. In room response. Taken at listening position.

These results are an in room response of +/-4db in room response. Most companies try to adhere to +/-3db measured anechoic-ally, so the fact that this is nearly accomplished in room makes it all the more impressive. Not many home audio surround sound systems can achieve this level of measured performance.

ELA-3 home sub woofer and MC2 mini cube speakers


5. Mini Cube 2 (MC2) speakers in room impulse response. This shows ringing and also possible timing disparities between main speaker and subwoofer. Because the MC2 is a full range speaker this is a bit of a non issue as you can simply place the subwoofer to arrive at the same time as the MC2. Measurements can be taken in room to be sure of this arrival time and placement of speakers. A surround sound receiver can also achieve this with the MC2 by correctly setting the delays in the home theater receiver setup menu.

Multi way speakers must achieve this by time aligning the drivers on the baffle or by way of Digital signal processing.

The sealed cabinets help keep the ringing to a minimum… also rare for speakers in this price range.

Mini Cube speakers 2 in room impulse response

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