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Let the Controversy Begin; a more Scientific Approach go Good Audio

Home audio wiring is one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to high quality audio and video.

There are two basic camps ready to go to battle over this and both sides are positive that their method is best:

1. Those who say measurements are all you need. These guys typically believe that any cable will do the job as well as a super expensive wire. It is more about science and engineering for these guys.

2. Those who say you cannot measure everything and they believe that cables make a huge difference in how their equipment will sound. These guys will often spend thousands of dollars on the hookup wiring.

a.I should point out that I belonged to this camp at one time.

b. But I also don’t fall into the upper category of using coat hanger either.

It is fair to mention that any cable can sound pretty good. This provided the measurable factors are held in check and the cable is designed intentionally.

In fact the coat hanger trick does have some merit. But a coat hanger works because its resistance will be fairly low and it will conduct reasonably well. But who is likely to use a coat hanger in their audio system? Sounds to me – like a good way to get shocked.

There are many ways to control the measurable factors of a cable design.

Inductance, capacitance, and resistance are the primary measurements that are watched by cable designers.

One of the best ways to control these factors is by braiding or twisting the conductors against one another. These are very common cable design control methods.

How to Get aaudio-cables Better Audio Cable:

The real problem though is that a so called high quality cable is very expensive – and this is why I wrote this article.

It is entirely possible to get a high quality cable system that will better most of the cables on the market and for a fraction of the price.

The only negative to my method is that you cannot buy them anywhere.

You have to make them yourself.

The good news is that making good home audio wiring is fairly easy. It just takes a few hours of your time.

What you may need to make your own Home Audio Wiring:

• Soldering gun

• Wire stripperdigital-cable-diy-home-audio-wirings

• Silver solder

• Soldering flux

• For RCA or XLR cables use 24 gauge copper wire

• For Speaker wire use 12 gauge copper wire

• For very small satellite speakers use 18 gauge copper wire

• For general home theater cables use regular 14 gauge house construction wires

• Colored over braid for appearance if cables are to be seen

• RCA, XLR, and speaker ends such as Banana plugs or spades

• Shrink tube to finish the ends

• Colored shrink tube to indicate positive and negative (for appearance)

• Foil for shielding (if necessary)

Looking for a good place to get your cable building materials? I use Parts Express Wire & Cable – We carry a large selection of bulk reels to completed cables in every style and length.

For Bi wire speaker cable you will need twice the connectors on the speaker end of the cable.rca diy calbe home audio wiringGeneral home theater speaker wire can be run in wall. You can use a general purpose 12 gauge or 14 gauge house wiring for these cables.

This type of cable works very well. It is solid core and sounds really good for the cost. Better than many braided cable you would find at an audio retailer. But it is not attractive so you may want to dress it up with some over braiding if the DIY speaker wire will be visible.

Home Theater wiring is usually pretty pricey and because making the stuff if very easy DIY speaker cables are the best way to go.

Take the money you save and buy better speakers, amplifiers, or a better DVD player.

Is this the Best Home Audio Wiring?

There are DIY speaker cable recipes on this site and several pages that show how to make the best speaker wire. Home Audio wiring is a great place to save money, get better performance and upgrade other more important areas of your playback chain.

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