Need A new Set of Home Floor Speakers? Go big or Go home

A better way for you to solve an old problem

You have a few options with home floor speakers that you may have overlooked…

Floor standing speakers or home floor speakers usually have a higher performance potential than bookshelf speakers.

This is a generalization and it is not true in all cases. But, the extra cabinet volume may mean that the bass response is more accurate and relaxed.

There is more space (in a larger speaker) to damp the back wave from the driver, less force is placed on the speaker cone, and system efficiency is increased.

How Can you Save Money Buying Your Tower Speakers?

Buying used audio equipment is a great way to add substantial value to your Home theater or stereo speakers system.

In the high end audio and video market consumers spend considerable money on their systems. You can take advantage of this if you know where to look.

Whether you want to build your own home theater or buy used audio equipment you have endless choices to consider.

Steps to Help you wade through this decision making process:

1. Many high quality speakers are purchased by people who take very good care of their property, especially their audio systems.

Eventually, these consumers may decide to upgrade to different speakers. This is very common in the audio community.

What this means for you is that there are lots of excellent systems available for sale used, and in excellent condition.

Go to and find many different brands. The price you pay will be about half of what the home floor speakers were new.

2. Consider a higher quality speaker than you originally thought of purchasing. Why? Because good audio speakers are expensive… and cheap speakers are just that – cheap!

Why not invest in something that will last and give you years of satisfaction instead of just a quick fix that you may regret?

3. Have you thought about building the loudspeakers yourself? This web site has many pages to help you do just that.

For a quick simple DIY computer speakers project that you can do yourself click here . There are tons of articles here about home theater acoustics , speaker building, the HTPC and other topics related to audio.

4. If building your own speakers seems too difficult then buy some home floor speakersplans here and hire the cabinet building to a local cabinet shop. You will get a higher quality product for much less money.

* I can only guarantee excellent results if you use the information and our speaker driver recommendations recommended on this site.

** Please note that speaker building can be done by anyone but, you will need to understand what you are doing. This will take an investment of time to learn the different factors that are most important.

Use only the Best Speaker Parts for Success:

To ensure success: Do NOT order just any drivers, wood, and start cutting!

You first need to make a decision about the type of speaker that will fit your needs. Then there are important considerations such as speaker drivers that work well together. If you pick the wrong speaker drivers there will be nothing you can do to make your system perform well.

Everything you need to learn can be found on this site but you have to use it.

Bookmark this site and refer to it when you have a question about a related topic.

You can also post questions in the comments section below.

If your goal is to own a high performance home audio speaker, the tower speaker should be on your list to audition.

As car guys like to say “there is no replacement for displacement”.

Meaning, a large speaker has the capability of delivering much more power and force into your home theater or stereo speakers environment.


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