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This site has over 300 articles all about home audio and home theater. We specialize in helping you achieve maximum sound quality in your home while also saving money. Navigating around 300 pages can be a pain, so sometimes its quicker to find it by using search. Articles about home theater room acoustics, home theater PCs, home theater measurement software and lots more. You’ll find high performance audio systems, be able to buy speakers, or just learn how to get better performance from your existing home theater. Its all here. Learn about speaker building. We even offer free speaker plans and subwoofer box plans here that you can download and begin your project tomorrow. Building speakers is fun and not as hard as you would think. Anyone with some basic tools can build a simple speaker system. See our Mini Cube speakers page by entering “mini cube speakers” in the search bar above. Your results will display on this page within seconds. Then you can click the page you want to see and you’re on your way to learning how to build the simple mini cube speakers project.