Home Stereo Wireless Speakers: “Better Sound… But is it Easy to Use?”

High quality music systems using home stereo wireless speakers are tough for manufacturers to design properly. (with high fidelity)

If high quality audio is the goal, wireless remote speakers from ‘most manufacturers’ are not going to get it done.

In fact, almost none of them are worth owning…

Poor sound quality even if it is accompanied by a low price is not a bargain.

Is wireless better?I phone controller App

Electronics manufacturers are trying to implement wireless technology into everything in the last few years. They are doing this because it is what consumers think they want.

Wireless is the latest ‘rage’.

The problem is that the companies that are churning out these designs are not known for producing a high quality audio product.

Especially guilty are the Wal-Mart home theater in a box style systems. Built by companies that want huge overnight profits with little concern for sound quality.

The faster the company can adapt to the wants of the consumer the quicker overnight profits can be realized.

Apple and the Mac VS Home Stereo Wireless Speakers:


Back in the 80’s there was a small computer company named Macintosh. They produced small numbers of computers under the name of ’Apple’.

Ever heard of them? Of course you have…

Apple is a great example of a company that pushes the limits of the available technologies to best satisfy the consumer.

They have done an admirable job making customers very happy over the last 10 to 15 years and their company profits are reflecting that success quite well.

But what about Home Stereo Wireless Speakers? How would a company like Apple handle this type of market? (We have to speculate a bit as there is no evidence of such a product)

To my knowledge Apple is not in the business of mass marketing speaker systems. (Although they may sell some as an add on to their computer systems, they don’t promote them with the budget of say the ipod or iphone)

Considering the price and technologies used on most Apple products we can only imagine the type of product that they would produce.

Let’s first examine the type of product that Apple would NOT produce:

Cheap mass produced low performance products

Overhyped, overpriced (for the quality) underperforming systems such as Bose style systems
Maybe not a conclusive list, but this knowledge combined with what a Product “should do” tells us a great deal about how Apple would attack -building and marketing the Best Wireless Speakers:

      High sound quality

Ease of use

Integrate with an iphone easily for setup.

Use of the iphone for a remote control

Wireless technology being able to place speakers almost anywhere



Fast to set up

You can see from the list Apple would easily fall into line here. They would not waste their time and money making an item that the consumer would not be totally thrilled with. They would take the time to make it as perfect as they could before it went to market. How do I know? Look at the time they invested in the iphone and ipod products.

Well guess what? There is already a company making this product:

Wireless Speaker Reviews; “the Sonos Music Distribution System”

It is The Sonos Zone Player 120 and Sonos Zone Player 90. This technology does all of the things mentioned above; I think even Steve Jobs would be proud. (I would be surprised if he doesn’t already own one.)

Now, I doubt Steve Jobs would ever take on building a product such as this -because the market share is much too small.

Everyone wants an I-phone – which equals millions of sales. Not everyone cares about on home stereo wireless speakers and if they do, many don’t care if the system uses wireless technology. Even less care about good sound quality. Sadly, low quality MP3’s and crappy music have become the norm in the “Home Theater in a box” marketplace.

So obviously, the market share for a product like this is much smaller than for the iphone. But this doesn’t mean that Home Stereo Wireless Speakers are any less needed or valuable.

The Sonos system is catering to a small market segment of consumers who want a product that can do all the things mentioned above. To read more about the Sonos Wireless Music System. click here.

And here is where the Sonos delivers an Apple-like user interface and ease of use. It even can be operated using your iphone as the remote control for the wireless audio system. (Most consumers who want the Sonos – may already own an iphone. But if you don’t have an iphone, here is one more reason to get one.)

1. A Sonos system can stream wireless music from your computer to any other room in the house.

2. It can be connected to your home stereo system or Hi Fidelity stereo speakers system.

3. It can be connected to the Home Theater System.

4. It can stream music outdoors, to the patio, or the garage with the use of the Sonos S5 wireless outdoor speakers system.

5. You can control each zone with the Sonos controller or i-phone.

The Sonos is a great idea, a great product, with excellent sound quality and excellent execution of the design. Nice job Sonos!

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