Home Theater Furnishings and Decor

home_theater_chairsDecorating a home theater is one of the first things we should think about when installing a theater system. Why? Because home theater furnishings are quite expensive when considering the overall budget.

You can spend as much decorating the theater as you did on all the other equipment. Taking the time to study both your overall budget and the types of furnishings you want present will save a lot of time and headache.


This might seem silly, but the first thing should be deciding how much you plan to spend on furnishings. If the answer was zero, then you may need to adjust as this is an often overlooked aspect to home theater design. Once you get the speakers and TV setup you will probably spend something on decorating. So the answer is likely not going to be zero.

In some home theaters the budget can be enormous. Home theater seating for instance can easily add up to the tens of thousands of dollars for less than a dozen home theater seats. These Home Theater Sofa-Couch-Chairs are one such example that could get you up there pretty fast.

Size and Scale

The size of your room will determine to a large extent what you do with the home theater room interior. Lights, seating, and all other decorations should be in scale with the room. Many consumers will pick their home theater chairs and then try to fit them into the room. Don’t do this.

First take into consideration the size of the room, then get chairs or other decorations that can easily fit and will add to the overall ‘feel’ of your room.

Home Theater Carpet

The carpet is a very important component in the theater room. Home theater carpet can really add or detract from the overall appearance and even the sound of the room. If possible use thick pads and carpet for the maximum sound absorption from the slab or floor. This will allow you to use less of ‘soft materials’ elsewhere in the room, and it just feels better on the feet.

If you use a hardwood floor, you will need to add a considerable level of damping elsewhere. This can be done to the ceilings in some home theaters, but usually the walls are the place that get the treatment. Here, sound absorbing panels will be the order of the day. Do a study on how and where these panels should be installed to use them to best affect.

red home theater 5Design and Details of the Home Theater Decor

The decor of the room is just as important. For those who are design minded this will be obvious. For the rest of us, spending money on decorations may seem a bit ‘wasteful’ when we could spend the money on more gear. However, home theater decor is the final detail that will make your room inviting, warm, and a place the family wants to spend a lot of time.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Home theater pictures, carpeting, wall coverings, window treatments and the like are what make the house a home. And home theater decor are what make the home theater rooms interior a room you want to be in. So don’t skimp here, you won’t be sorry.




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