Home Theater Jobs

I have been thinking about how to write this article on home theater jobs a lot lately. As some of you know searching for a job can be a challenging endeavor.

My final conclusion was to keep this very short and simple.

Many of us in the Home Theater Industry are a bit roRachel at computer picturemantic about what we would like to get out of our occupation.

In my opinion this is a good thing. Most of us are passionate about Theater. We’re kind of nerdy really…


This article is written to help you “get out of the box” of the Job searching mindset.

Namely to help you think outside the box as far as a career or anything else for that matter.


Why work for a Home Theater Store or distributor?

Maybe you could market a unique product or service.

Even design a product possibly.

What about starting you own business in the home theater jobs industry?

Not all businesses demand a high initial monetary investment.

What about starting your own movie review Blog?

If you enjoy movies this would be a good way to express yourself, sharpen your skills and get your name into the market place. Just don’t expect to make an income quickly from a Blog or Website.

Web business takes a substantial investment of time make no mistake about it. Web business would be a good idea too. Just use your own unique ideas and spin to build your own brand.

What are your talents? Do you enjoy speaking to people?

What are your hobbies? What would you most like to do. Think about lots of possibilities and all of your particular interests.

Commit those Ideas to Paper

Write your ideas down on paper or in a word document. Save it to your desktop and add to it over time.

Write an up to date resume’. It will help you realize all of the things that you have done and CAN do. There are templates online to help you do this. Many of them are free.

You do not have to decide on beginning on a home theater jobs occupation overnight.

Often there are job opportunities and alternatives that you are not yet aware of.

Give yourself some time to discover all the possibilities available.

But remember that at some point you must come to a place and make a decision to START.

Give yourself a time-line to do some research. Mark this date on the calendar and find out as much as you can until that time. Then dive in and get moving.

Doing nothing will guarantee one definite outcome – Nothing!

Good things happen by design not by accident.

Sooner or later make a DECISION!


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