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Things to watch out for when Buying LCD Projectors

4k projectorIf you are in the market for home theater LCD projectors then there’s a few simple details you aught to know. This is not quite as simple as just picking the one that best fits your budget. For many users this would work just fine, but there’s a chance you need something different in your room. Find out if you are that person before you waste money.

Light Output

One of the more important details overlooked is the lumens output. This is the brightness of the display and it can also be a direct indicator of how the black levels are going to perform. Black levels is where projectors usually take a back seat to a more typical LCD TV. The brighter the projector the more light you can have in the room and still have a clear and accurate picture/image. Lower output projectors are not necessarily lower quality or lesser units. They are just designed to work in darker, less well-lit rooms.

Display Ratio

This is simply the ratio whether 2:35 to 1 or 16:9 or whatever. This is important, because your screen will actually determine what ratio you need. Don’t get a 16:9 projector for a 4:3 screen. It won’t look good and you won’t be happy. Get a projector that matches your screen or at least a projector that has the option to set a custom preset to your screen, not all projectors can output all the possible screen ratios.

Pixel Count and Resolution

Are you looking for a 1080p projector, 4k projector, or something different. The higher you go in resolution the more likely your unit will cost more. But the more your screen will project a vibrant and clean, clear image. This is especially true the larger your screen is. Bigger screens need more pixel count and therefor more screen resolution. All this amounts to is the amount of pixels in a given 1″ by 1″ square. Higher numbers equal a better viewing experience.

Noise Output

Widescreen projectors can generate quite a bit of heat. When they do, they often make considerable noise producing all that light and heat. Make sure to get one that has a low db output that will not be a distraction to your while you are using the home theater LCD projectors. You won’t even want to turn it on if it is blasting in everyone’s ears the whole time it is running, and some of them are quite loud and obnoxious. Check this out before buying or be sorry you didn’t.

Look for good reviews on all these tips and you will likely find a unit that satisfies your needs. Not everyone is shopping in the same range and budget of hardware. That’s okay, don’t feel bad because you wish you could spend more. Many units that cost in the tens of thousands of dollars only offer slightly better performance that you may not even notice let alone deem worthwhile of spending said amount. There are lots of great home theater LCD projectors available now for very affordable prices while still offering significant value for the dollar. Have fun with  your purchase, plan well, and enjoy this hobby. There are few things that continue to pay you back over years like this hobby of watching movies with our families and loved ones, you won’t regret the purchase when you plan well.

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