Have a Good Home Theater Plan? Planning your “Home Movie Theater Design”:

Developing your own Home Theater Plan is may be easier than you Thought:

As with most products that you put into your theater system, every choice will affect the outcome in some way.

A good home theater plan will even have an affect on the home theater curtains that you choose. (different fabric types can affect the sound – colors can affect the video)

The best Home Theater Ideas are often the ideas that YOU cHome Theater For Dummies -Kindle Editionome up with.

Use your imagination here: Nearly anything can be built with the right amount of time and funds.

The Home Theater Installers are in the business of making money. Your goals may be very different than theirs regarding your home theater interior design and acoustics.

Another area commonly missed by home theater installers is the home theater room acoustics. There are some very simple steps you can take to make sure the acoustics are maximized for your room.

A good home theater design idea is one that begins with a thought and develops into a solid plan.

Even if you have no drawing skills sketch out your ideas on paper -where you would like things to be placed.

You may have to know a little something about each of these subjects:

1. How rough construction is built.

2. How the electrical system will tie into your existing home.

3. Wiring a Home Theater System

4. How Theater Acoustics work and where the best home theater spot is – in your room.

5. How to hook up the Equipment

6. How to calibrate the equipment

Just because you may not be an expert in construction projects does not mean that you can not become more educated and learn what you need to know.

If you are looking for the best Home Theater plan you have no choice but to get involved.

Why? Because if you don’t- there is a very good chance that corners will be cut, options missed, and performance lost because you didn’t know better.

You owe it to yourself to learn all that you can before embarking on this project. I will lay out the most commonly overlooked or ignored topics in this article.

Home Theater Room Acoustics:

• Acoustics do more damage to your Home Theater plan than any piece of equipment ever could.

• The room is an instrument itself that the speaker system will ‘play’ by making it vibrate and causing peaks, valleys and other distortions in the response.

• This is an area often overlooked because the sticker shock of room treatments can give the average man a heart attack. So often the sales rep or Home theater installation company will not bring it up unless they are sure you might be interested and won’t faint when they give you the estimate.

Home Theater Video performance:

• Video performance is not limited to just the piece of gear such as the projector or HDTV.

• There are factors like lighting, viewing angle, viewing distance, and associated equipment that will all affect the overall performance of video.

• Don’t buy the latest and greatest until you have exhausted your equipment setup calibration and tests.

Home Theater Equipment choices:

• Available equipment will always be in flux. Every month there will be some new and wonderful piece of gear to hit the market. Some of it can be very good. But much of the time I see consumers replace very good gear with newer gear of lesser quality. The old upgrade bug is quite a disease. Here comes buyer’s remorse!

• Make timeless purchases. Wait until that new piece of gear has come down in price a bit. Buy last years greatest model, it will usually be on discount and the performance difference is usually very slight.

• But you may be starting from scratch and can build the theater from the ground up. In either case we offer some basic help to assist you in understanding how the Home Theater works.


Develop your Home Theater plan:

1. Determine the basic size and shape of the room. We will fine tune the dimensions in this article.

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2. Dimensions play a vital role in both the audio and video quality of a Home Theater. It is important to understand how to avoid performance problems.

3. What features do you want in your theater? Lighting, home theater seating and other ideas.

4. Built in speakers? In the ceiling, in walls, or behind the screen?

5. A projector and screen? How big is big enough? Estimate your optimal screen size.

6. In wall speakers? Are these the best performance for your budget?

7. An HTPC? Adding a Home Theater PC can be a great way to improve your Home Theater Experience.

Home Theater Plan and Layout Summary:

In order to get optimum performance there is no choice but to get involved. Admit it! You want to know more anyway! For more Home Theater Ideas click here.

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