Why would I want a Home Theater?

home-theater-room-ideasFor me this question was answered a long time ago. But when I see the looks on some peoples faces when they see my home theater room for the first time I can imagine what I do may look like insanity. For starters, I enjoy music, so my home theater has always served double duty (except for one time when I had two systems at an old house). So my wife and I have used our home theater first and foremost as a music room. Her piano is present in the music room as well.

We also have a large family. We do foster care when we can for children who need a home, and often we just need to unwind at home. Sometimes getting away on the town is just too much trouble to be honest. So the home theater room with our music system just makes a lot of sense for us as I imagine it would also for others.

On the weekends, we almost always watch a movie or two. Like I said, its an easy way to unwind and take in some entertainment.

So why a home theater? Because its convenient. Because we hate listening to terrible audio. We love music, good music, great recordings, and we even enjoy the soundtracks that are included on many movies. My wife especially seems to always notice the music, so I think its even become important to her to have good sound as it has been for years by myself.

In our house, which by the way is quite modest, our home theater room is in the basic living room. We don’t have a dedicated theater. Why? Because we want great audio in the living space of the house. I see a lot of larger homes where the theater is placed out of the way, down a hall, or in the basement. That is fine, but ours works best if we can walk into it, through it, by it during our normal every day lives. We like to have great sound coming into the home from the best speaker system we can afford. To tuck that system into a theater that is away from everything else just doesn’t work for us.

There are many different thoughts and home theater room ideas you can adopt to use. But for many people a dedicated home theater room is not he best option because it simply will  not see as much use as if you have the entertainment room on main floor with your main living space. This is the way we like it, and I’m pretty sure we plan to keep it this way. Give it some thought, maybe you would benefit from moving your home theater into the family room and enjoying all that the better audio and video system has to offer your family.

Where this all brings us is to one fact. The audio system is king in this type of setup. When you are playing music through the house, you want the most accurate, delicate, and beautiful sound you can afford. This was the reason I began in this hobby in the first place.

I simply could not afford the type of audio system that my ears were craving. After listening to many audio systems over the course of several years I became convinced that my budget for such a system was simply out of my reach.

I would have to build it myself, so that’s exactly what I did.