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There are thousands of Home Theater Speaker Review articles on the internet.

Some of these speakerThiel CS 3.7 Stereo Speakers picture systems are very good, some bad -it is helpful to consumers to hear other opinions on a loudspeaker that is being considered for purchase.

New Speaker Designs aren’t always better

There are many older speaker designs that are excellent.

Do not assume just because a speaker is brand new that it is superior to an older model.

Tell us what you know about any loudspeaker that you have experience with; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Home Theater Ratings can be a valuable resource for other consumers such as yourself.

The picture to the right is the Thiel Audio CS 3.7 loudspeaker system.

A great transducer by any comparison and well worth your listen if you get the chance to hear them.

Post your own review of them on this page if you have heard the Thiel CS 3.7 speakers… Home Theater Reviews are a great way to share your knowledge and make your voice known on the web.

What does our Home Theater Speaker Review include?

A rating system of 1 to 10 for:

1. Sound staging

2. Imaging

3. Transparency

4. Dynamics

5. Sound Staging: A speaker that has very little sound staging – sounding basically flat without placing instruments in specific places on the stage would score close to a 1.

If the speaker had a very deep, wide stage with instruments placed precisely in positions with an apparent presence it would score closer to a 10.

6. Neutrality: Is scored as absolute neutral being a 5. A cold sounding speaker would be toward the 1. And a warm and fat speaker would be rated closer to a 10.

7. Value: Is scored as a 1 being poor value and a 10 being great value.

Home Theater Speaker Review Summary:

This guide is designed to help you rate and understand how one speaker compares to another one.

There are many factors that will determine a speaker and its performance. Amplifier matching and other components will have some affect on the overall performance of any design. Keep this in mind when making your recommendations.

You may notice that I do not have hundreds of reviews on this site.

I select only a few of our favorite speakers and others that have not tested well. I try to only use designs that contribute something special to the market. And, warn consumers about designs that yield especially poor performance.

This leaves a great many speakers of which I have never heard or have not mentioned.

I don’t claim to know it all and that is where you can help me out…

Post your own reviews below to contribute to this wonderful hobby!

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