Home Theater Recievers – Who Makes the Best Reciever

Who makes the best home theater recievers? Well, the truth is that is bound to change almost every year. The best is not always the latest model either believe it or not. Often companies will attempt to cut costs and use different parts. Sometimes they use better parts, sometimes lesser quality parts are installed. So how can you know what you are getting?

Things to look for

  • Most often the best recievers are made by well-known reputable companies
    • Marantz
    • Sony
    • Onkyo
    • Yamaha
  • look for the heavier models. The toroidal transformer is heavy, the heavier the better as it indicates vast amount of current capabilities. This only works for a class A/B amp section. This concept will not apply for a Class D or digital amp section.
  • Reviews on Amazon do a search for “home theater recievers” are a good indicator of quality as unhappy customers will complain
    • consumers who complain will bring down the ratings on the models that are not high performing and have excellent reliability.
    • no matter how good it sounds, if it won’t work no-one is going to want to deal with it.Onkyo-home-theater-recievers-best
  • Magazine reviews can be a good source. Keep in mind there have been a lot of issues with those companies who advertise the most, getting the most favorable reviews. This is the old concept of “never bite the hand that feeds you”. If a company is buying add space it is likely they would get preferential treatment over smaller companies who cannot compete with the larger companies ad campaign.
    • This is an obvious problem in the business as you can’t be too hard on someone when they pay your bills.
    • this is another reason I like to pay closer attention to reviews such as those on Amazon that are taken by real customers. Just a thought.


A few receiver pics for you to consider:

One reciever that scores very well in all these tests is shown at right. The Yamaha RX-V577 7.2 with Wi-Fi Yamaha RX-V577 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver with AirPlay is a great pick. Another one is the Onkyo shown above. Don’t get caught up with specific models though, that would be a mistake…

Here is why, manufacturers may change the process at the factory mid year for various reasons. What started out as a great receiver at the beginning of the year may not end up that way by the enyamaha-RX-V577-7.2-channel-best home theater recieversd of the year.

For this reason it is always best to go off the reviews and check how the latest 10 to 20 reviews have been going for that specific model.

What problems are the customers having? What issues? You may notice nearly all of the last 2o reviews were negative while the first 400 were positive. This would be an indicator that something went wrong at the factory. I’ve seen this happen more than you would hope for. Check it out for yourself though.

Get started

Time to go look for yourself. Here’s the link to the key term home theater receivers to get you started.


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