Home Theater Speaker Setup – Installing Speakers in the right Locations:

Home Theater Speaker Setup is critical to achieving the Best sound Quality in your listening room. Take the time to learn about how to optimize your home theater system setup.

Learn how to take in room measurements.Home Theater Speaker Setup; “Home Theater Speaker Placement help!home theater shack room EQ wizard picture

Position your speakers for best performance.

All rooms affect sound quality of any home stereo speakers or home theater system.

They affect the way a speaker system can sound in the room.

And because of this, some ‘general guidelines’ are all that can be accomplished without making a series of measurements.

For the best Home Theater Speaker Set up you will need to make both acoustic and physical measurements.

The good news is that it is not hard to do.

All you need are the right measurement tools, and many of these tools are free.

Speaker and room measurement software -Free!

For a set of measurement tools that you can download to a computer go to Home Theater Shack – Room EQ wizard. If you make a small donation on their site, you can download the program and use it for your speaker placement home theatre calibration tests.

I am paid zero in commissions by recommending this product to you.

The donations are strictly to help them continue their work, very much like I am doing on this site.

By offering these free services and products, the entire audio and video community is a better place.

Support their work just like I did! It is a good product.

Here is a screen-shot of the program that will allow you to make some accurate room measurements. You may need some additional hardware as well. All requirements are listed on their set-up page file.


Front Main Speaker Locations:

1. When setting up your main speakers the front left and right speakers should start about 1/3 into the room. This of course is assuming that your room is deep enough to place them in this location. All measurements should be made from the front baffle location. I usually will measure from the tweeter.

The front L + R speakers should also be roughly 1/3 from side walls. If you have an odd shaped room try to put them 8 to 12 feet apart.

Stay at least 2-3 feet from any side walls if possible. If your room is not large enough to accomplish this, place them as far from the front and side walls as you can tolerate.

2. High frequencies are more directional than low frequencies. You can tame down or raise the upper octaves by pointing the speakers directly at you- or facing straight ahead. This is called the speaker toe in. We have even seen some speakers toed outward.

On-axis response will usually roll off the least amount if facing straight at the listener. (speakers pointing directly at you) But sometimes this does not sound very good in the room. It may sound as if the speakers are hot – or have too much treble energy. (depending on the room)

Home Theater Speaker Setup Toe in Procedure:

1. Begin by facing the speaker straight at the back wall.

2. Slowly toe them in a few degrees and then listen again.

3. Continue this process until you get the treble balance that you want.

4. It is often necessary to come back after a few hours to listen again. I often hear something different after taking a break. Even after several weeks I may adjust the toe-in several times before settling on the balance that I like best.

The degree of toe-in best suited to your room and tastes entirely depends on the radiating patterns of your loudspeaker drivers and your listening preferences. Be patient and take your time. The benefits are quite rewarding!

Home Theater Speaker Setup?

To get the absolute best performance from your home theater layout you will need to position your speakers and components in optimal locations. Knowing where these are is key to getting every ounce of performance from the gear that you buy.

Want to wast a bunch of money? Install expensive speakers in the wrong locations. You would be better off just buying some junk equipment instead. I don’t mean to be offensive but it really is that simple.

Make the necessary effort to get your speaker positions correct. And don’t expect your installer to know how to do it. Some Home Theater installers are very good and will know how to properly set up your home theater room, but many have no clue. They just know how to make it look nice because that is what gets the “WOW”.

Long term satisfaction though will take a bit more work on your behalf – so get busy!


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