Home Theater Systems Wireless Uses and Installation

You have been searching for home theater systems wireless? What are their basic uses? Do you really need a wireless system? What are the benefits of a wireless system and when are they crucial?

wireless speakers
Blose wireless speakers

When to use Wireless Speakers

When you have no other choice. Meaning, when you need to run an excessively long distance of speaker cable and/or you cannot get through a wall for some reason to get to your destination. Here is where Wireless Speakers are going to be a good solution.

When not to use Wireless Speakers

Just because you want wireless speakers may not be a good reason to use them. Using cables is typically the more economical and better option. They generally have more power and will provide better control of the speaker drivers running directly from your receiver or amplifier than to adopt wireless speakers into your system. In short, wired speakers typically will sound better and cost you less. Don’t go wireless just because you think wireless is better, its not.

That being said if you want wireless and don’t care about the trade-offs, then go for it. There is no wrong here, just good, better, best. Wireless being the best use of funds and technology unless other factors keep you from wiring everything up with real cables.

Benefits of wireless

  • offers a small lightweight all in one solution
  • can save space
  • circumvents the use of cables from receiver to the speakers
  • more placement options
  • can mount on brick or block walls without running cables (will still need a power cable to an outlet)
  • no cable management
  • less expensive for same or similar quality components
  • great for the outdoors
  • great for a temporary location such as moving them into the kitchen for some easy listening
  • can access your music library from a PC and playback to them (some models)


  • usually less power on the built in amplifier
  • speaker drivers and parts are usually of a lower quality
  • sometimes feedback from airborne distortion can occur in some models (can pick up other signals from neighbors etc)
  • more expensive

Make an educated choice

So what now? Which speakers will suit your needs best? That depends totally on the budget and your needs for output, resolution, etc… there is no one size fits all. You may need a tiny speaker for your home theater room. In that case, look for the best reviews you can find and go from there. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the models and options available. Then buy with confidence.

Wireless speakers are a lot better than they were a few years ago. Not all of them, mind you, but there is the opportunity to get some higher quality offerings where five years ago there wasn’t much available. Now it seems every speaker company is making them because they have become so popular. Outdoors is a great place to use wireless speakers as this allows you to use all of their convenience and just move them when you are done. Garages are another area that fits their benefits well as you may need to move them around depending on what your project is at the time.

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