Is Your Home Theatre Surround Sound Systems performance living up to your expectations?


Mini Cube² Speakers!

If your home theatre surround sound systems performance has left you hanging these speakers will breathe new life into your music and movies. (these speakers are now discontinued; see other products in the “products tab” to right)home speaker systems


The Mini Cube² Speakers – “Very Musical”

The Mini Cube² Speakers were designed to deliver higher performance than you have come to expect from under $1000.00 speaker systems. Comparing these speakers to much more expensive models should be the first thing you do. In fact, we encourage it. We guarantee complete satisfaction or your money back on this home theatre surround sound system.

Why Mini Cube² Speakers?

      • The next logical choice when upgrading from the proven and excellent Mini Cube Speakers • Higher power handling • Even lower distortion than the already low distortion Mini Cube Speakers.

Measurements for the MC2 speakers and ELA-3 subwoofer!

      • The Mini Cube² Speakers are a fantastic way to get into the high end market without breaking the bank or getting speakers that have a huge footprint.

An Audio shelf system that beats all!
MC2 detail speaker cabinets

    • Quality speaker wire connections only seen on much more expensive units • Dynamic, lively, and engaging, while also being accurate, your music will come to life in your home like you’ve never heard before. • Extremely high quality neodymium motor system and aluminum cone driver • Cast aluminum basket speaker driver, no cheap stamped steel frames here!

• Same layered cabinet build just like the standard Mini Cube • Birch Ply cabinet construction with cylinder chamber


Features – Mini Cube² Speakers:


• Layered cabinet type build. (think; Magico Mini or M5) Not a box, the cabinet is built up of layers from front to back. Very rigid and robust. Expensive? Yes… but the extremely robust speaker cabinet this creates is worth the extra costs.• Entire cabinet is machined on a CNC

• Cylinder inner chamber – no internal parallel walls. (each layer is cut at angle on inside)

• High quality binding posts

• See some Measurements for the MC2 speakers and ELA-3 subwoofer!


• Dimensions: 4.8w”x8.8h”x4.8d”

• Power handling: 10 watts – 200 watts

• Sensitivity: 88db

• Resistance: 4 Ohms, receiver must be stable into 4 Ohms

A Great Resource


Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published byAudioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.

• Frequency response: 100Hz to 25,000Hz (+/-3db measured in room)

• Continuous baffle

• Cylinder inner cavity – No parallel walls, anti standing wave design

*Shown pictured with ELA-3 subwoofer. ELA-3 sub-woofer and stands not included.

This is one of the highest quality home theatre surround sound systems you are likely to find. Get your own factory direct speakers and enjoy the performance that has been designed into these incredible little music devices. Compare to more expensive floor standing speakers like Polk speakers or Bose Speakers. An Audio shelf system that beats all!
Read more about them here.

Considering a surround sound bar?

A surround sound bar cannot match the Mini Cube² Speakers, put us to the test and find out for yourself.

How the Mini Cubes Are Built

How Strong Are the Mini Cube Speaker Boxes?

We drove a truck on top of them to find out.
Loaded down with tools, this truck weighs over 5000lbs.
We estimate at least 800lbs were sitting on the box… They didn’t even flex.Mini-Cube-Speakers-pairMini-Cube-Speakers-pairMini-Cube-Speakers-pair

EbenLee audio speakers and design surround sound speakersEbenLee Audio logo on speaker systems

Warranty and Guarantees

5 year warranty on parts, labor, and defects 12 month money back guarantee. (subject to a 15% restocking fee) 90 day FULL money back guarantee!!! -on home surround sound systems. We assume the risk with our guarantees so you don’t risk anything!

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Mini cube speakers2 speaker box designIf you are shopping for a new home surround sound system “the Mini Cubes are a great buy.”


The Mini Cube² Speakers – “Excellent!”

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