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Hi, my name is Peter Selby.

Several years ago I stumbled onto something that is going to help you out. (if you love home audio)

This page will show you the benefits of using the “patented speaker wire plans”, and how they make your music playback system better than ever, while also saving you a lot of money.

The first of its Kind; How the ‘Air Dielectric Cable Patent’ Came About


When I first got into home audio I did not believe audio cables made much of a difference to sound quality.

One of my trips to the Columbus Ohio Progressive Audio would prove otherwise.

On that trip I clearly heard that as you went up to more and more expensive wires the music became more and more natural.
Less strident and harsh were the sounds from better audio cabling.

The breakthrough that led to this design came when I was doing
Experiments on my own home stereo system

In fact, I started designing my own audio cables completely by accident…

Shortly after my visit to Progressive Audio, I became curious about the concept of ‘air dielectrics’ used in home audio wiring and whether it really helped make a cable sound better. I had heard some of these expensive air dielectric wires while on that trip.

Early testing that led to the patented cable design


I decided to make some solid core copper (not stranded wire) cables that were ‘bare wire’ with no insulation (total air dielectric) and wired them from the amps to the speakers.

They ran in an arc through the air (supporting themselves), no contact was made anywhere with the floor or any other object. (This is dangerous; if you try it, do NOT leave your wires run like this)

I did some A/B blind comparison’s to see how they measured up to my ultra-expensive MIT Oracle V4 wires that I owned at the time.
A musician friend of mine helped me out with the blind listening tests…

… I was dumbfounded.

There was almost no difference between them at all.

A cheap 6 foot section of bare copper 14 gauge wire sounded almost identical to a pair of $3500.00 MIT Oracle speaker cables.

So I thought to try out many different insulation techniques to see if there really was merit to the ‘air dielectric’ concept.

I tried some ceramic beads which I thought should sound pretty good since there was quite a bit of air within the design. The beads were a pretty loose fit around the copper…

… They sounded absolutely horrible. Lifeless, dull, rolled off… I thought; how could a ceramic bead change the sound of copper so much?

After taking some simple electrical measurements I found out that resistance was rising due to the ceramic contact on the copper wire conductor.

This experiment was just the beginning of many other experiments to find out why dielectrics made such an audible difference to the way a basic copper cable could sound.

The Air Dielectric cable worked very well


In the end, air dielectrics turned out to be a solid theory worth investing in.

So I set about creating a simple to build suspension system that would place the conductor (bare wire) in the highest air environment as possible. It needed to ‘hold’ the wire within the cable, but only at certain intervals.

best speaker wire

The rest of the conductor or copper would not contact anything hence the ‘air’ dielectric.

I had read that the Nordost Valhalla used approximately 80% air to insulation contact in their designs. To beat that cable my design would need to be an even higher concentration of air to dielectric contact.

It took almost a year to figure it out…

But in the end success was reached and I applied this audio cable concept to the US patent office for patent pending.

You will get to see the actual documents and see for yourself how simple and effective this audio wire really is.

The speaker wire patent was awarded in Dec of 2005


Initially, I thought that I would build the cables and sell them through a new hi fi Cable Company that I would start.

To be honest, I probably would not have bothered with the patent in the first place if I knew I would never sell wires through a company on a retail level. This patent is overkill for what I’m doing with it here; selling the actual plans to individuals visiting this site.

I did this because I realized more people would get to use this awesome technology if I offered it as a speaker cable plan or blueprint. I could help hundreds more people, by offering a less expensive cable plan that you can use today to improve your audio system.

A system that is repeatable and build-able, anyone can build these cables


These wires can be built by anyone with these tools;

• A drill press
• Soldering iron
• Heat gun
• Utility knife
• Wire strippers

If you don’t have all of these tools they can be bought pretty inexpensively at a tool wholesaler or bought used. We show you where to get these tools.

Some Details about the patented cable plans…


The suspension system on our patented designs boasts over 92% air dielectric for speaker wires. In fact, it is quite easy when building your own interconnect cables (RCA or XLR cables using the patented design) to arrive at over 96% air dielectric.

There is no need to buy the latest and greatest cables offered on the retail market. You can build your own for much less and get performance that is better.

This design performs very well, so I suggest you compare the cables you build using these plans to anything on the market and at any price. They are that good!

“No need to buy expensive audio cables for your home theater. By using our patented air dielectric audio cable plans you’ll have access to the highest quality speaker cables and save money building them yourself, based on our proven technology”.

In less than a week, you will be enjoying your own high end audio wires without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on high end wires.

Helping you build better cables using a Patented Audio Cable Plan. It all comes down to better music, accurate audio, with zero risk and less investment. “ And by the way, Your Satisfaction is totally 100% guaranteed!


Here is what I’ve got for you


• Hear what you have been missing and spend more time listening to music with our low resistance cable design offering true high end sound to everyone in your home.

• Magical music passages come to life; bass has a symphonic slam and better pitch definition using cables made with our patented wire building system.

• Enjoy music with your family while saving plenty of money with our speaker cable plans. Build your own wires that sound better and are hundreds of dollars less expensive.

• Get impact-delivering speaker cables while enjoying lower cost.

• build speaker wires -better than the rest. Use these plans to build the best cables year after year, over and over again.

Each time you need a different type of wire, just use the plans, order your parts, and build some new cables.

First of its kind, guaranteed, patented, and inexpensive product, that You can start using today!


• Guaranteed, patented, proven plans that help you build better cables, save you money, and make your music system sound better than ever.

• We are so confident in this product we offer a 12 Month Back Risk Free Trial.

• If you aren’t completely satisfied just return the plans and ask for a refund and you’ll get it. Simple as that!

• Why pay retail for expensive cables, get cables just as good (probably better) and for far lower investment.

Still hoping for an easier way to fix your audio cable problem?


You could live with the cables you have…

…but why not build your own and get the best of both worlds?

New cables that sound better, plus you can sell your old cabling to pay for other upgrades.

Not sure you can build a set of speaker wires? Don’t think you have the skills? It’s easy when you see the plans…

Have a friend that owns some tools? Use their tools to complete your project. Or buy your own tools so you can build your own wires next time you need them.

Build your own cables for less and you’ll be enjoying beautiful music in no time with this proven cable building method


• Need better sound? Our proven cable design will bring you closer to the music every time.

• Improve your home audio system while saving money with this air dielectric speaker cable system.

Get the attention of your family; everyone around will enjoy music and movies more than ever with your new patented air dielectric speaker cables.

These are easy to build, proven cable plans, for the discerning listener and your family.

7 benefits of these patented cable plans


• First of its kind patented cable, designed for the DIY cable builder like you

• Noticeably better audio

• substantial savings over retail

• put cash back in your pocket by selling your old expensive wires

• you can say you ‘built them yourself’

• pride of ownership

• you determine the level of craftsmanship

Building Great Cables Really is Easy


Building audio cables is simple, maybe a bit time consuming, but certainly not hard or complicated using this design, and definitely worth the effort.

This does take a bit of work.

Expect the plans to take between 10 to 20 hours to complete. Nothing good comes without a bit of work after all…

Enjoying the fruits of your labor?

That can last a lifetime.

The money you save?

Get a gift for your spouse, or a new player for your audio system. The point is you will notice the difference and you will save money over comparable quality cables.

How you benefit from these plans


Trade in your old expensive audio cables for cash and build your own speaker wires using proven speaker wire blueprints.

Spend the difference you saved (over retail wires) on better audio components and equipment.

Instead of buying cables retail, get a new amplifier or line-stage (preamplifier) or even new speakers by investing in these patented cable plans.

Get better audio performance and save up to thousands of dollars while doing it.

This is what you get with the Plans


1. PDF instructions Manual – explaining how to build the wires

2. Video instructions

3. Helpful Links to the parts you will need

4. Helpful Links for the tools you will need

In short; everything you need to know to learn how to build these incredible audio wires is right here.

“No need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on audio cables, by getting our patented cable plans you’ll get better cables by using a proven system to build wires in less than a week without spending a fortune on high end boutique cables”

Reversing Your Risk – 100% Risk Free Guarantee


These plans are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction or you get 100% of your money back.

No questions asked 12 Month Money Back guarantee. To get a refund just fill out the “Contact Us form” below with full name, order number, and date of purchase. (so we can quickly find the records)

You have up to 12 months to decide if you agree with us that this is the best audio cable product for you. That gives you plenty of time to build the wires and compare to any other product on the market. Refunds are issued within 10 business days of receiving the request.

You have nothing to lose, and no risk!


We use the Paypal shopping cart system which is one of the most secure merchant systems on the web.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction for all of our customers. We care about what you ‘personally’ think about us, our company, and our products. Our livelihood relies on good customer experiences. We care about YOU!

These cables plans are guaranteed for 12 months, so what are you waiting for?


Waiting will only prolong the inevitable; you need better audio wires.

We show you how to build them.

We have the proven patented design that will give you the results you need.

You could be enjoying new wires by next week without spending a fortune.

This product is the first of its kind. A patented audio cable, offered to you in the form of plans, so you can save loads of money building your own high end cables.

Get your Patented audio cable plans now and start saving money building your own high end audio wires!

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