Home Entertainment System; “Get the best Home Theater Systems for your Investment”

Trying to build a great home entertainment system?

You may have found the process of picking the right gear a bit intimidating though…

Home theater and audio equipment is changing nearly every month:

How do you know what you buy today will be a good piece of gear next year?

You need to get home theater supplies that will last for years and give you great performance throughout it’s life.

Furthermore, the best equipment for your budget isn’t always the most expensive

Picking out the speakers, amplifiers, and other components can be a bit challenging.

Here are some helpful tips when shopping:

1. Buy the best home theater receiver or surround sound processor that you can afford.

Surround sound receivers can get expensive to get one of the higher quality units.

But the receiver market is pretty competitive so you usually get what you pay for here…

2. Get the best home theater amplifiers that you can afford. Again, because of a competitive market, the price is often commensurate with value.

3. Do not spend much money on your cabling. Speaker cables are very easy to make and the tools necessary to build are cheap as well. Get really cheap cables for now and build your own cables later when you have time. Or build DIY speaker cables for your home-entertainment-system now and save even more money.

4. Consider building your home theater speaker system or stereo speakers yourself. This is one of the greatest ways to seriously stretch your budget. A good set of speakers can cost as much as all the other components in the playback chain put together. Speaker building is not that complicated.

5. Use a Home Theater PC in your home entertainment system.

6. Get your home theater supplies from a mail order vendor such as Parts Express – Free Shipping Every Day on most orders over $98 (Restrictions apply).

7. If you can avoid a cheap home theater system such as the HTiB or home theater in a box do so. They offer generally poor value for the performance given.

8. If you are considering a Cheap Home Theater System keep in mind that there are usually reasons that something is “cheap”.

Other Home Entertainment System Topics:

If you are interested in learning more about Blu-Ray Players to building complete speakers.

There are pages here that discuss in detail about how to get the highest performance from your playback chain. And there are tons of articles about lesser known subjects which is discussed briefly on this page. If you wanted to get valuable information about HTiB surround sound systems – click here. If you were looking for articles on the Best Home Theater system click here.

Build an HTPC for your Entertainment System

Most of us already own a computer able to perform the task of Home Entertainment System server and HTPC (home theater personal computer).

If you absolutely must spend thousands of dollars- spend it on superior speakers, amplifiers, etc.

A hard drive based server, digital computer based speaker crossover, computer room correction or DRC, and D to A converter all wrapped in one neat computer package for a good home theater.

Some manufacturers would have you to believe that it is impossible for you to build an HTPC or speaker system using your own skills and abilities.

It is not impossible, it is science, craftsmanship and learning, all of which you are entirely capable of doing.

If you prefer not to do the work yourself you could hire it out to a local company you know of and still save money.

You are more than welcome to know exactly which home theater PC’s, speaker drivers, enclosure materials, computers or any component that I use. Want to learn more about us? Go to build a home theater page.

zalman HTPC case picture


You could use the basic layout I am providing for free and build your own speaker system or HTPC to fit your specific needs.

You can build your own speaker system from the information on this site without paying us a single penny.

With this in mind you may choose to build all of the components yourself or ‘subcontract’ this project out.

If this is what you choose please consider making a donation if you have found this site helpful.

If you want an overall view of what this project looks like and the components needed to complete your own home entertainment system based on this advanced technology read this article on how to build your own home theater.

Building a home theater or music system using Digital Room Correction, and digital crossovers is totally possible.

To learn more about how we can help you put a system together read how to assemble a HTPC with DRC – DIY home theater speaker.


How to Put the System Together

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