How to “Get the Best Home Floor Speakers for Less Investment”

Home Floor Speakers typically offer better performance than small bookshelf speakers. (typically -not always)

The larger cabinets allow better damping of the rear wave from the speaker cones.

Allow more power handling of the driver.

Often, provide more low frequency extension. (deeper bass)

This does not mean that all floor standing speakers are superior to a small speaker.

If the speaker cabinet is not braced and damped well a smaller speaker like a bookshelf speaker can easily outperform the floor standing speaker.

There are some advantages to the small monitor speaker.

Sound staging and imaging are usually easier for the small speaker to achieve.

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Large Floor Standing Speakers

Not to say that a large floor standing speaker cannot image well…

If designed properly large speakers can throw a huge image.

The smaller speakers just do it easier or more effortless, all else being equal.

If you are in the market for a really good home theater speaker or stereo speakers set you may need to spend considerable money to get what you want.

Good Speakers are expensive.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that a cheap home theater system speaker set will be high performance.

It just is not possible…

Good materials are costly.

And good speakers are labor intensive to build.

Okay, How do I get Great Home Floor Speakers?

Buy a set of cheap speakers from an online retailer such as these.


Build them yourself.


Subcontract to have them built based on speaker plans that you approve of.

If you have decided to do one of the last two recommendations – what steps will you need to take to get this done successfully?

1. Research this site

2. Use the information we give you for free.

3. Use the driver matches and home theater software that we describe here.

4. Expect the total project to take between 8 hours and 200 hours depending on the complexity of your goals and approach.

5. Expect the quality of your product to be 3 to 10 times the value of the money invested.


One of the best ways to Ensure you Get a Good Speaker Cabinet is to Build it Yourself:

These speakers can also be built by your local cabinet shop.

All of the information you would need is posted on this site. Take the time to learn about this exciting hobby and enjoy it more by knowing more. I look forward to helping you on your journey of – building up your system to the level and performance that you desire to achieve.

Take your time and learn as much as you can before beginning. Your project will go much smoother as a result.


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