Home Stereo Speakers and Your Music Preferences:

Why Your music and movie tastes should determine your speaker system type

A new set of home stereo speakers will make your entertainment system come to life.

Just be careful you don’t go down the path of believing the ‘hype’ about some popular audio systems.

There are a few ‘unknowns’ that will effect which speakers bring you the most satisfaction

Contrary to the advertising copy of nearly any given speaker manufacturer- speakers are NOT one size or brand ‘fits all’.

Obviously, we all have different tastes. And often, not even the person themselves know what their most desired loudspeaker choice would be.

Use all the resources that you can when making a home stereo speakers buying decision.

We hope to be a resource to help you understand all things related to speaker drivers, speaker kits, and other home audio subjects and parts.

Polk Audio TSi200 Bookshelf Speakers


1. Does everyone enjoy the same types and genres of music?

2. Did you know that some loudspeakers are much better at one genre of music than another as a result of the design platform? (and design compromises)

3. Some consumers will be quite satisfied with a design that another consumer is very unhappy with. Usually as a result of their listening preferences.

4. Most audio and video enthusiast would like to have access to components and home stereo speakers of much higher quality than they can currently afford.

5. Good home Theater speakers and stereo speakers are much more expensive than the average consumer is willing to spend.

6. The types of music and media that you listen to effects your listening bias but also the type of home stereo speakers you typically enjoy.

In other words have you listened to different types of playback systems and live music to know the sound characteristics that are most pleasing to you?

Do you typically like the sound of electrostatic speakers for example? Or do you prefer the impact of the best dynamic driver or cone drivers?

Do you ever attend live music events like the orchestra, concerts or live bands.

Choosing the Best Home Stereo Speakers may take an Investment of Time:

Dayton Rs621 CBK speaker kit

The best Home Stereo will always include some good speaker parts from a reputable speaker manufacturer. Good speaker drivers are not available on discount speakers and speaker kits. There is no substitution for good quality parts and materials.

Some Speaker system Manufacturers are well known for using junk parts and charging Extremely High Prices as well.

Here is a review of such a company and such a speaker system.


I would like to help you avoid spending too much money on an inadequate home stereo system.

If you would like to see some affordable systems to consider for speaker replacement or a new purchase check out this link. Buy only highly rated products with a 4.5 or 5 star customer rating. Also be sure that there are an adequate number of reviews of at least 10.

This site was built because most consumers are just not sure of how to start. If this describes you then click here and learn to: Build Home Speakers yourself.


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