“Get the Best Home Theater Audio System for Less:”

Looking for a new set of speakers for your home theater audio system?

How about something new…

Many people looking for a simple home theater package go for the small HTiB. (home theater in a box)

What could be better than a HTiB?

A better solution?

A separate receiver, surround sound speakers, and home theater subwoofer.

Onkyo-TX-NR906-7.1-Channel-Home-Theater-ReceiverWhy are Home Theater receivers better than Home Theater in a Box?

HTiB kits integrate the amplifier, preamplifier, and DVD player all within the same case.

They are usually light weight and offer very low power with small power supplies and transformers.

If the amplifier breaks you have to replace the whole thing. Ditto for the DVD player, or surround processor.

To make matters worse the quality of these units doesn’t compare to a ‘real’ home theater receiver.

The power ratings on a home theater receiver are usually much higher and carries higher quality components. It is usually worth spending a little more to get an actual receiver and speaker set.

What about wireless Speakers in your home theater:

If you are like many consumers you have heard about wireless speaker systems.

They sound appealing -at least in theory.

Some wireless systems are actually quite good… though most, are not. Want a wireless speaker solution that actually works?

Try Sonos. Sonos makes a great line of wirless speaker products that actually lives up to thy hype of wireless systems. Sonos ZonePlayer Wireless Music System: Superior Sound, Wireless Control.

Many go for wireless because;


lack of wires

fit into the room decor’

However, there are several very good reasons you may not want a wireless home theater speakers setup.

Want a high performance speaker system?

Buy separate components.


Consider building your own speaker system.

For the price of a Home Theater in a Box (HTiB) – cheap home theater sytems , you could get the tools and materials you need to complete a high performance home theater surround system.

You can expect far superior performance from a well executed DIY speaker system than a HTiB.

Enjoy better home theater speakers performance from Mini Cube Speakers .

Learn more about what makes the Best Computer Speakers better than retail.

Not only that, you have the experience and satisfaction of building it yourself.

And contrary to what you might think- It is not complicated or difficult!

Using a Home Theater Computer with your Home Theater Package:

Have you considered using a computer for a source component in your home theater audio system?

The computer can play the role of music server, DVD player and a whole lot more.

It can easily be integrated into your audio and video system. Look around this site to find out more. Read more about the HTPC and the Home Theater Audio System – Home Entertainment System. A list of home theater equipment that we use.Sonos Wireless Music Player

Media servers are great…

You can store all your music files, DVD’s, games, and a host of other things on them.

But music servers can do much more than that.

A music server or media server is basically a computer with a big hard drive.

So they are not very hard to build or set up yourself.

Home Theater Receivers and Home Theater Speakers Summary:

There are a myriad of choices available if you are looking for the best Home Theater Receiver.

Take your time!

Spend some time thinking about the quality you hope to achieve. For high quality audio you need to use well designed parts materials and components.

Your home theater audio system will bring years of satisfaction for you if you do.

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