Home Theater Center; “Finding the Best Speaker Positioning and Center Channel”

Home Theater center channels were invented because…

…if more than one person is watching a movie, some viewers will be out of the audio sweet spot created by the front stereo speakers.

Center channels fix this problem.

Creating a local sound in location of the display.

Why do you need a Center Channel

If the other viewers in your home theater room are not centered on the front stereo speakers, the center image will be localized to the speaker they are sitting closest to.

What level of speaker quality do You need?

It should match the level of your main speakers.

A well made cabinet is crucial if you are searching for high quality center and surround speakers for your home theater.

Crossovers and drivers should be designed and engineered to work well together.

Crossover points and slopes have a direct impact on the off axis response of any speaker used for home theater.

Loudspeakers with wide vertical and horizontal dispersion are typical used in home theater installations. (usually, speakers with dome tweeters)

Choosing Your Center channel speaker

When auditioning your center channel make sure to move from left to right to positions you think you may have someone sitting in your room.

Note while moving around how the sound changes from the center position to those outside locations. A speaker with very wide dispersion characteristics will change very little.

Speaker Imaging for Surround Sound Speaker Systems:

A good way to be sure of this is to listen to the speakers in stereo mode. If these speakers can create a believable center image and recreate a nice deep sound-stage they will be able to throw images all over the room while watching a movie in your Theater system.

Voices should sound real. If it sounds like they are talking with a blanket between you and the onscreen character – look for something else.

In many cases, you get what you pay for. Don’t be shocked to find out that a good speaker system is not cheap. If you plan to be cheap with your investment, expect to get cheap sound too.

By the way, contrary to what Bose advertisements say they are NOT the best audio systems in the world. If you don’t believe me try to get an in store demo with a Bose system VS any other brand at even half the price. Don’t be shocked if they will not or cannot set up the demo.

Retail stores are on strict orders from Bose to keep their equipment and systems in their own area- away from other competitors. I wonder why? Actually, I don’t wonder at all, I have heard their systems and plenty of others to know firsthand.

Need help with where to place your home theater center channel? Recommended Home Theater Speaker Locations.

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