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Why do you need a good set of home theater curtains?

Theater curtains are good for more than just making your home theater room look nice.

They also play an active role in the home theater acoustics (sound).

How Expensive are they?

Let’s face it, everything is expensive these days and a good set of movie theater curtains are “extremely expensive”.

Cheap curtains can start in the $50.00 USD range and easily get into the thousands of dollars for motorized high quality curtain designs.

Construction materials do contribute to how a curtain theater combination will sound.

Wait… Sound? Home theater curtains can affect the sound?


The Curtain-home-theater combination should be chosen with care to match the decor’ perfectly and also contribute to the sound quality.

Most do not consider that natural materials usually sound better than synthetic materials.

My recommendation is to use fabric that is natural.

Cotton, wool, or silk, pick your poison.

The best home theater supplies and home theater curtain are going to be different for each installation.

Even natural fibers will sound different:

For example silk will sound quite a bit different than a thick cotton or canvas type fabric. The thick cotton fabric will have a much higher sound damping quality.

Sound will tend to flow right through the silk bounce off the wall and pass back through again reaching your ear with little resistance. This may or may not be the effect you need in your application.

If you already have a dead sounding room adding some curtains that absorb more sound may suck the last bit of life out of the front soundstage – for more information see home theater seating layout.

The home theater-curtain can also be used to damp the front of the room if your theater is a bit too “lively”. (Echo)

In other words make your decisions on the home theater acoustics and curtains you would like to use based on your budget. But also you will obviously want the curtains to look appealing and add to the theme of your theater room.

It is also fairly common to layer the home theater curtain to get the look and functionality that you desire.

You may need a highly damped curtain that is very thick but want the appearance of a shear thin curtain.

You could do this by using two curtains, the front would be a thin shear style. The rear curtain could be a thicker curtain in a lighter or darker color to give the appearance that you desire.

Make your final sound adjustments and acoustic panel positioning after the curtains are installed.

Use natural materials if possible.

Use of home theater partitions or curtains is a great way to add extra appeal to your home theater room decor’.

More than that, it is another way to add to the overall acoustic tools that are at your disposal.

Home Theater curtains bring the real theater experience that much closer and gives an authentic experience like the movie theater.

Use curtains to complement the theme of your theater room in ways no other design element can.

I hope this article helps you get one step closer to your Home Theater nirvana!


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