Home Theater Review and Speaker Reviews for the Impatient

A home theater review should help you do one of the following:

A. Learn about a specific component

B. Learn more about home theater related topics

C. Increase your understanding of home theater systems

D. Give you ideas about home theatre decor with the use of cool home theater photos and pictures.

This article only does one of those things: Help you to “learn more about Home Theater related topics”.

It is my primary goal to help you understand things related to Home Theater, acoustics, and speaker design. To that end I have some equipment listed below and links to a few reviews but if that were all you are interested in you may be missing the point.

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mccormack rld 1 pic

McCormack RLD-1 preamplifier FULL REVIEW

Bryston BP 25 DA preamp picture

Bryston BP 25 DA preamplifier FULL REVIEW

McCormack DNA2 basic amplifier review

McCormack DNA2 amplifier FULL REVIEW
Bose Home Theater System Review
Bose Home Theater System – follow up review

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Other Recommended Components:

Bryston BP 25DA This preamp is an excellent overall performer. Transparent and musical. Typical Bryston reliability (can’t be beat). The BP26 sounds even better but the 25 is more of a steal at it’s price.

McCormack MAP 1 multichannel preamp

McCormack DNA-2 amplifier This is a stellar amp. I sold mine a few years back and have regreted it every day since. Big Krell amp performance for half the price (or less).

Audio Research pre amplifiers– we love their transparency and sound-staging.

Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT) pre amplifiers

B&K Components Inc. amplifiers

Crown K1 or K2 amplifiers (for bass drivers)

RME Fire-face 800 firewire interface Bulletproof. Not much else to say. Good sound quality at this price point.

M-Audio Fire-wire 410 As a basic firewire interface the sound quality is pretty good for the cost of this product. We have had several software related issues. Audio dropouts were caused by the unit loosing it’s driver file. It usually was a conflict with the computer Ethernet card while online. If you restart the machine while the Ethernet is connected online it will lose the boot loader file when starting up. When we disabled Ethernet we could restart the 410 and it would recognize the boot loader file again. So we recommend this device but not for a computer user with limited skills. It is fine if you want to save money on a device and can work with it’s quirks every now and then.

Inday Digital Switching device This device works completely as advertised on their website. It switches and keeps the lock on the signal. Our unit measured very well too. Digital signals are kept intact. I doubt anyone could hear the difference between the signal coming in or going out.

Sony Play-Station 3

So there is our list of short home theater review and some of the equipment. Full reviews are within the links at the top of the page.

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