Home Theater Software for the Audio Enthusiast

On this page you will find home theater software. I encourage you to add your thoughts here as well.Digital-software-crossover-small

Ultimately this list will be much more complete if we all have access to other (your) experiences with a given software or program. So don’t be shy!

This would be a good place to point out any issues you have had with a particular home theater software solution also.

For Digital Video Essentials Theater Software click here.

What types of Theater Calibration Software might you Need?

This list can include any software type, whether a DVD player plug-in, room correction software, convolution software, crossover software, or music playback program such as Foobar 2000 or I-tunes.

Software that I use personally:

Foobar 2000 for music playback: I use foobar mainly because it loads so much faster than other programs. It is pretty utilitarian -but I like it that way.

Thuneau Allocator Light for speaker crossover: This is a great x-over program because it lets you bring any digital or analog signal into the computer from another machine like a DVD or Blu-ray player.

Internal audio processing can also be done with the use of plug-ins.

You can select the Allocator program to take It’s input from an exterior source, implement digital filter slopes and output through an ASIO compliant multi-channel sound-card or firewire device – Home Theater Equipment.

Active Crossover description picture

Thuneau Allocator Light for Room EQ:Same program as above but it also has a room EQ or crossover leg function that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of different frequencies.

This software also allows for time delay of each individual crossover leg.

Multiple instances of Allocator can be used at the same time if more than the supplied 8 channels of output are necessary for your setup.

I-tunes for ripping CD’s -configured as WAV storage (uncompressed): I am concerned about compressing audio. So I rip them onto the hard drive at full size.

Hard drives are fairly cheap now so I just add drives as I need them. I keep the actual CD’s as my backup. I also mirror files and drives for safe keeping.

Home Theater Shack -Room EQ wizard for room measurements: This is a pretty simple home theater software – Audio Home Speaker Testing system to use. They only ask for a small donation in order to download.

Video Essentials: for calibrating Video settings on displays. This is a Theater Software package to assist in setting up proper video, color, and black levels. Very useful kit.

Samsung Blu-Ray Player (this is an external player): I only mention this because I do not use the on-board DVD player of my computer.

Add your Software below and explain how You Use It

Thanks for your input! We look forward to seeing the different ways that others calibrate their audio and video systems.

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