The Effect of Home Theater Speaker Locations on Surround Sound Speakers

Planning out the best home theater speaker locations for your surround sound speakers is laid out in this guide.231xNxHome-theater-for-dummies-book.jpg.pagespeed.ic.j6aQMJ7SNs

Proper speaker placement is absolutely necessary to get all of the possible performance from your existing or new speaker system.

Surround speakers come in many varieties.

Because of this, there are no clear cut and dry answers we can give in a few short sentences.

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Some simple steps to take for the Best Speaker Locations:

1. You may have floor standing front L+R speakers but also using a hidden surrounds.

2. Wall mounted surrounds should be 18″ to 24″ from ceiling.

Usually about head height or 6ft high at the cones. This is assuming an 8ft ceiling. Adjust as necessary for the most appealing home theater speaker placement.

3. If you are using rear channels as well then you will want the side surrounds to be lateral with the main listening position.

Straight out to the sides and up.

The rear surrounds will then be straight behind the listener roughly 6 to 10 feet apart- depending on the width of your room. To the right is a picture of what this might look like.

4. If using only 2 surround channels you the best results are usually obtained by placing the speakers 20 to 45 degrees behind the main listening position.

This will depend on the type of speaker you use. For dipole type surround speakers you will want them closer to 20 degrees behind you.

Monopole speakers closer to 45 degrees behind.

Have someone hold one of them close to the wall at head height to experiment, moving laterally along the wall from 0 to 45 degrees behind your ears.

5. Floor standing surround speakers.

If using a monopole type speaker Home Theater Speaker Locations will be more similar to the front speaker setup.

45 degrees behind the ear will probably be pretty close to optimal for these.

With the exception that they will not be directly in front of you but out at roughly 45 degree angles behind you.

The best imaging will be out into the room to the sides and behind you. With floor standing speakers or mono-polar speakers your home theater speaker placement options will be limited more by floor space than anything else.

6. Rear surround speakers. Same height as side surrounds but 1/3 from side walls mounted on back walls.

It is best if you can keep all of the surrounds the same distance from the main listening position.

If this is impossible, time delays can be set inside the processor or receiver to compensate for distance.

However, I would makes sure that the pairs are in fact the same.

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