Is Your Home Theater Speaker Setup The Best It Could Be?

Home theater acoustics ruin the sound in many installations.

What creates the problems?

How can you fix them?Thiel SCS3-center channel picture

Getting the best Home Theater Speaker Setup is critical to getting the most performance from your theater.

Many home theaters are crippled from the very beginning by installers and consumers not aware of how acoustics affect performance.

Where should you place The Center Channel?

1. The Center channel speakershould be positioned between L+R speakers in an equidistant arc from L+R speakers.

These are only beginning positions. But from here you should get pretty good sound.

Getting this arc correct can be accomplished by measuring from the main listening at ear height to the tweeters.

Make sure the R+L speakers and center channel are all the same distance from the primary listening position.

Speaker distance is critical to achieving the optimal audio home speaker testing setup. If this is impossible you will need to set the correct delay for the pre-amp processor.

2. Center channels are usually positioned above or below the viewing screen or HDTV. Your screen will determine how and where you will be able to position it.

3. Some center channels are positioned behind a micro-perf screen. This is a acoustically transparent screen that allows the sound waves to travel through yet still shows the picture.

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These screens do lose some light output compared to regular screens.

4. If you are using a center channel near a front projection TV, HDTV, or box television set you will need to make sure that the center channel is “shielded”.

An unshielded speaker will cause image problems on the display. If you are using a rear projector this will not be a problem.

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