Luxury Home Theater Systems and Home Theater Rooms

Great Home Theater systems require the use of advanced measurement software and speaker building techniques. In developing these strategies computers and computer software are used in the most advanced home theater product designs.

Computers are relied upon for the development and design process of both loudspeakers and a well balanced Home Theater layout. The room acoustics are also calibrated and measured using impulse response measurement software.

This step is to ensure that the home theater room design is optimized. This step is often overlooked, forgotten, or completely ignored in many home theater installations.

Use the Home Theater PC to Optimize Home Theater Rooms and Audio Video Performance:

It makes sense that the Home Theater PCs are finding their way into many theater rooms.

I believe that music systems and home theater systems will be almost entirely HTPC driven in the near future.

Many of them are already as they rely on microprocessors to perform their most complex functions. Blu-Ray players are an excellent example of a home theater product that relies on computer chip microprocessors to perform it’s most demanding functions.

Lets address the most common reasons that major speaker manufacturers in the high end audio industries are NOT adopting the technology I am talking about here:

The first reason is that when dealing with all the issues that need to be addressed such as home theater acoustics and speaker crossovers, things begin to look complicated.

When I say complicated I don’t mean for the manufacturing company. It looks complicated for the consumer. (more on this later) The real problem though, is that it is different than what most of us are familiar with.

The second reason that major electronics companies are not using Home Theater PCs for speaker controllers- is because the retail market is flooded with passive technology.

meridian digital dsp 8000 speaker picture

Let me explain… When a consumer decides to upgrade their amplifier they are usually looking for a stereo two channel amp or a multichannel amp. This is to power their passive speaker system which needs one amplifier channel per speaker.

With active technology the same customer would need an amplifier channel for each ‘way’ of each loudspeaker.

If that customer had a two way speaker system he would then need two amplifier channels for each of his speakers.

It might sound like this fact alone would make an activedigital crossover, home theater pc system much more expensive, but this is not always the case.

The picture to the right is a Meridian Active Digital Loudspeaker using active crossovers and Digital Signal Processing. This speaker system is a phenomenal development in loudspeaker design. The few times that I have heard it -I always came away impressed. But you can use similar technology without the 50k price tag.

The third reason is: The computer is only now being considered by stereophile types as a worthy alternative to their dedicated CD player, turntable, and DAC.

This shift has occurred only in the last few years, but will continue to move toward the PC as this technology becomes more familiar.

The main reason this will happen: signal purity, digital room correction, and digital filter slopes cannot be done in a more efficient way.

This HTPC can serve any function whether it is a music server, speaker crossover, home theater system, surround sound speakers player, even pro audio.

The execution is just slightly different with each of these. Within a completely digital playback system the computer takes the place of the CD player, music server, room correction, DVD player and most importantly the speaker crossover, replacing the passive crossover inside the speakers.

Luxury Home Theater Systems?

The question might be, how is this a Luxury home theater?

By using a component like the computer it gives you the capability to build a superior product. Both Home Theater room design and home theatre speakers can benefit from the use of a computer.

The part that makes it affordable is that you can save money by doing some of the work yourself like building your own HTPC.

You could even modify an existing computer that you currently own.

Or build your own speakers. This is how I got started building my own home theater.

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