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Home Theater System setup is very important to getting the most from your home theater investment. Why spend money on something and then leave half the performance out because it is not set up properly?231xNxHome-theater-for-dummies-book.jpg.pagespeed.ic.j6aQMJ7SNs

As an intelligent person you have decided to learn more about these subjects to avoid making a costly mistake. I think you may find this site helpful.

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Home Theater Acoustics

Home Theater Speaker Setup

Using the Home Theater PC or Home Theater Computer

Build a Speaker Box

How to make your own DIY speaker cables

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The Home Theater market is very large and complex with many different types of theater systems to suit nearly any budget.

Home Theater Systems can be very cheap such as a HTiB, or extremely expensive up to several million dollars of investment.

So I have to be clear that a home theater setup and surround sound speakers can be vastly different from one consumer project to another.

So what are you trying to accomplish with your home theater?

What is your budget for this theater?

How did you arrive at this budget?

What Type of Theater will fit Your Needs the Best?

HTiB, or Home Theater in a box: These would be a box system manufactured by a major large name brand company like Sony or Bose. Contrary to what most consumers have been told by advertising campaigns these systems do little to deliver a true Home Theater experience.

But these small HTiB have their place also. I don’t want to pick on these modest systems. If you just want to open a box, set it up and play movies or music these may suit your needs better than a more expensive system.

Just don’t expect the performance to be anywhere as good as a higher tech better engineered design.

If you are looking for setup advice on a small HTiB such as this my advice to you is just read the instructions that were sent in the box. I know it is anti-American to read instructions, but you can do it!

I do provide several pages to help with Other speaker positioning and home theater speaker placement and such here.

There are also many other articles on Home Theater Acoustics.

Many projects surrounding Home Theater system setup can be found on this site. Take a look around!

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