Disclosure – How the Home speaker (website) makes Income

This site makes income from both products that we sell and affiliate commissions for recommended products.

It is always in my best interest to only recommend products that I like and trust. How Home Speaker makes income as a free information site: Home Page

How do I Provide Content on this Site Completely Free?

Skinit Laptop Skins

The Ad picture to the right is an example of how this site makes an income. If you happen to click on that Ad and purchase a laptop skin I make a small commission. It works because you became aware of those skins through this site. A referral of sorts – if you will.

The ads I choose are selected very carefully: If you encounter a problem with one of my affiliates I definitely want to know! Negative feedback from my affiliates IS monitored from me personally and NOT tolerated.

Why this site?

I write and publish articles for the home theater, music and DIY audio enthusiast to help You build the ultimate entertainment machine.

I do this because the most difficult part of this hobby is education.

If you have a problem with someone making a income from what you purchase, you will never be able to buy anything. 🙂

The small commissions that this site may collect do nothing to increase the price of the item you may find interesting.

Commissions are usually between 1% and 5%.

Does it Cost Anything to Run and Operate this Business?

I research, write, edit and publish all of the content myself, unless a guest writes and article (which I clearly disclose).

Many of the links on this site take you to other sites where you can learn more, buy other products, or just add value to the article’s here.

And because of this they provide useful information for you. In fact this is the entire goal of the “Home-Speaker” site. To provide useful and valuable content for You.

I don’t pick the “Ads by Google”, Google scans my site and offers the code to insert the block and they manage the code. I have no control over what you see in the Google ads.

I also

accept donations direct from my visitors who wish to donate help support in that way. I hope that this site can be a great resource for you in your home speaker and home theater needs and education.

Thanks, Peter