How to Clean LCD Monitor; “Be Careful with That Display!”

Cleaning an HDTV display should be easy right?

Learning how to clean LCD monitor without causing damage is simple enough…

…regardless, HDTV sets get ruined every day.

Simply by using the wrong techniques and liquids…

Avoid these actions and products when cleaning an LCD screen

1. Using Solvents – for obvious reasons solvents can literally melt the plastic screen of an LCD display.

Don’t use them.

2. Pressing hard or scrubbing the screen. (can cause dead pixels) This should be common sense but most LCD screens are very thin and somewhat soft.

You can easily damage them by scrubbing.

3. Cleaning the LCD screen while the unit is powered on: The heat from the LCD TV can cause fast drying which may cause streaks.

Depending on the temperature of the screen this streaking can be permanent.

4. Don’t use paper towels, toilet paper, or Kleenex to clean the screen. Other than leaving fuzzies on the screen and defeating the whole purpose some of these materials are not as soft as you would think.

Remember, they had been a tree at one point, so they can scratch the surface pretty easily.

5. Spraying liquid directly on the screen. Spraying direchow to clean lcd monitortly on the screen can force liquid behind the frame.

Guess what is behind the frame? Electronics!

How well do liquids and electronics work together? Uhhh… Yeah!

Apply the liquid to a very soft towel or micro fiber towel and then wipe the screen off. The towel should not be dripping but should be damp to the touch.


What should You use to Clean LCD Screen Sets?

Liquid Solution: The best solution is a 50/50% mix of clean water and white vinegar.

That is equal parts water and white vinegar. This is a good cleaning solution for all of your electronics so just make a batch up in a bottle that has a cap and use it again next time you need it.

Remember to swirl it in the bottle before pouring out or spraying onto your soft towel.

Cleaning Towels: The best is a microfiber towel. But not everyone wants to buy these so you may just need to find a very soft rag that has no rough material, blemishes or marks on it.

Bath towels are generally not soft enough.

I use an old white T-shirt and cut the elastic (neck and arms) off of it. Make sure to remove the tags too as these can easily scratch things up. Also be sure that the material is 100% cotton.

Microfiber cleaning towel I know of if you want the optimal material. It also removes foreign matter very well without any liquid at all so it may be that all your set needs is a good wipe down.

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