In Wall Home Theater Speakers

rustic-in-wall-home-theater-speakersIn wall home theater speakers are often seen in some of the finest and most expensive home theater systems. Why? Because many owners don’t want to see their speakers. They may want them hidden away from sight and not out on the floor space.

There are several reasons to use in wall home theater system speakers, but the most logical reason is to keep them out of the way and off the floor. The more floor space you have the more seats and other furnishings you can place in the room. Or, in wall speakers can  just give a more open and clutter free floor plan.

You can see that the speakers in the picture are still visible, as are most in wall speakers. But they are off the floor and only covered with grill cloth. It is possible to make them entirely disappear by using a micro perforated projector screen and placing the speakers behind the screen.


  • invisible (sometimes)
  • easy to hide
  • easy to install
  • easy to upgrade


  • lower sound quality than similar priced floor speakers
  • more difficult to install than floor speakers
  • can sound flat and chesty compared to a good set of floor speakers
  • not usually the last word in resolution
  • usually still covered in grill material of some sort, so still somewhat visible

High quality in wall speakers are just like floor speakers for price. Meaning the really good ones are really expensive. They usually would come with their own cabinets that fit between the studs. Not only this, many consumers would have them installed instead of putting them in themselves. This will raise the overall price.

I like in wall speakers in some settings. Where you want the focus to be on the display set. If you want the focus to be on the living area and furnishings and not be distracted by large floor standing speakers they work great too.

Using in wall speakers is not for everyone. They present a more complicated installation where items in the room cannot necessarily be re-positioned and moved. In my view, I like the look of floor standing speakers. I like a reminder of where my money went on the speaker purchase. Not only that I enjoy the better sound quality of floor standers as well.

Some consumers though just don’t want floor standers and they won’t make sense for them. Floor space may be an issue. If you need in wall home theater speakers then make sure to invest in the best speakers your budget allows and make room for the installation too, unless you plan to install them yourself.

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