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Do you love home speaker systems or home theater? This site is here to help you make your system even better.

Buy speakers that are better right here, or learn all you need to build a better system.

Everything from high quality speaker systems to learning how to properly set them up, its all here. You don't even have to buy any products to benefit from this free site.

Home Audio and Video setup help:

Home theater setup, how-to projects - with step by step instructions... Example? Learn how to build a home theater PC; see the HTPC build page.

How-to videos for many different subjects related to stereo speaker building and home theatre. Example: See speaker crossover page.

best home speaker and best home theater speakers We can help you get your home theater room right... room correction instruction's, setup and use explained. Example: See home theater plan page.

You'll also notice an un-common approach to high end home audio. We do not follow the blind recommendations and opinions of other audio writers.

You can even order custom made audiophile home speaker systems directly.

Over 200 pages of free help on this site.

A less expensive solution for the best speaker system or home theater room...

Specifically, we show you how to save tons of money by doing a lot of setup work yourself (or all of it, if you wish).

If this sounds interesting... you have just found the most important site for home audio and home cinema enthusiasts...

- You'll also get a deeper understanding about audio and video theory, science, and how to control home theater acoustics.

The truth is; proper system setup will make musical instruments sound more 'real and believable'. Movie explosions more dynamic and lifelike. Anyone can learn to optimize their home surround sound system speakers, room and system so everything works as it should.

You can learn how to build your own system or build the entire home theater rooms interior and do it right the first time.

Get more from your entertainment

    speaker cabinets, an audio shelf system that beats them all

    You'll gain more quality time with your family enjoying high end audio and video.

    Spend significantly less money on your stereo home speaker system while enjoying higher performance.

    Build your own home theater computer HTPC, build speakers, or audio wires...

    Get a Free Gift just for visiting the site - Over a $100.00 Value Get your Digital Audio Speakers blueprints (speaker plans) Free of charge!

Make your current home audio system
perform better than ever


Our goal is to help you better understand your home audio system or home cinema system...

...and to build it successfully for far less money than competing retail systems.

This is catching on among the audiophile
and DIY crowd...

You'll get better home cinema systems, stereo speakers, or even audiophile computer speakers.

Make sure you have considered all audio options and audio technology available. To learn about the best media center PC and how it can improve your system.

best home theater speakers and surround sound speakers

Where should you begin?

    1. Bookmark the Home Speaker site (right mouse button click; hit 'bookmark this page', then hit enter.)

    2. Learn to tailor the sound of your speaker system to fit your room acoustics, home theater systems specs, so they operate accurately.

    3. Address your home theater acoustics or room acoustics.

    Use room correction and room treatments to improve the sound quality and acoustics of your room.

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    2. High performance speaker systems available here.

    *Use these blue boxes and the Navigation Bar on the left to find articles. You can also use our SITE MAP page to see all articles on this site.

    4. Consider DSP or Digital Signal Processing. DSP is becoming very popular in the high end home speaker market and made affordable with the use of the home theater computer or HTPC.

    new instrument 7 the best stereo speakers and the best home speaker systems

    This is an efficient way to reap dramatic increases in transparency and resolution for your speaker or home cinema set up.

    Most importantly it is possible to use DSP in home theaters or stereo speakers playback systems today, and you need not replace your whole system to use it!

    5. Use a Home Theater PC or computer (HTPC)., it's a great way to add functional convenience, and superior performance to your home speaker system.

    Learn more about the best media center computer.

    Use an HTPC to implement DSP functions... Make an HTPC part of your home theater plan and integrate it into the home theater systems design from the start.

    6. Have you listened to new stereo speakers or several home theater systems in your own home before purchase? Does your dealer offer the possibility of demoing gear in your own home?

    How will this 'new' audio system sound in your home theater or stereo listening room?

    7. You may be curious about Speaker Building, Speaker boxes, or Speaker Box Design; Free DIY Speaker Projects and speaker plans. See Digital Audio Speakers and DIY Speaker Projects page for more information. DIY speakers or speaker box building is an excellent way to save substantially over retail products.

    8. Learn to make your own cables and home audio wiring.

digital audio speakers and speaker plans helps you build an entertainment system that offers "realistic live sound",

that will effortlessly draw you into your favorite recordings:

This site was developed to help you put together a great home entertainment system that will play music and movies with accuracy.

You can own a high end audio/video system at substantial savings compared the current 'high end model'.

Ready to get started? Learn about the best media center PC and how it can help you!

home theater pc

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Table Of Contents:

"Best Home Theater Systems on the Planet?” Better Audio Systems, Small Size!
Get one of the best home theater systems on the planet. Compatible with all high resolution movie formats like Dolby True HD and DTS HD
The Best Home Speaker System for Your Buck! Combo Deals Save You Money
Finding HiFi home theater packages just got a lot cheaper. You wouldn’t be happy with just any speakers would you? Of course not! You want a home speaker system that offers both a musical ride
Custom Speaker Boxes; Need Help Getting Your Speaker Design Project Built?
Speaker cabinet design and custom speaker boxes for the audiophile listener. We offer a custom speaker boxes alternative to the retail blues, or custom speaker building specifically
Home Speaker Box Search page. Get Answers to Your Home Speaker Questions!
Quick search results for Home theater related topics and Home Audio. Cheap computer speaker systems, stereo speakers, outside wireless speakers and other articles. Home speaker box search
Home Speaker Blog "Get the Inside Scoop on High End Audio and Video Systems!"
HTPC and home speaker Blog for helping you set up your own home theater speakers. We update these articles regularly with tips and techniques. Subscribe here.
Home Theater Rooms Finder: (Site Map); Buy Home Theater Better!
Find the articles you are looking for on our site map. Home theater rooms set up, building, and how to fix your home theater acoustics explained.
Best Home Theater Systems and equipment reviews. Get the
Looking for the best home theater systems? Home Theater Systems to match any Budget.
Wireless Computer Speakers? "What's the Best Wireless Speaker"
The best wireless computer speakers and wireless audio Speakers found. Wireless audio in your home - set up and ease of use.
Speaker Reviews! "find the Best Home Theater Speaker Reviews"
Home theater speaker reviews and stereo speakers reviews. Add your own articles about your favorite home theater systems and speakers
The Best Speaker Wire and DIY speaker cable recipes - Better Speaker Cables
The best speaker wire and high performance speaker wires and speaker wiring. Pick the right Speaker wire gauge or home theater cables for your home theater system or stereo speakers system.
Digital Audio Speakers and Design; Lies about "Best Home Home Theater Systems“
Offer cutting edge design and concepts for audiophile digital audio speakers and DIY speaker building community. Both Science and Subjective listening are crucial. Musical satisfaction and science
HTPC; How Good Is Yours? "The Home Theater PC Computer and - Best HTPC Build"
Building an HTPC is a fun and rewarding project. The parts you may need, their general descriptions, and how you can choose the best computer components for your PC build project.
Speaker Crossover; "Your Home Speaker Crossovers, Software Crossovers Source!"
Interested in making your own DIY speaker crossover? Speaker building has never been easier than it is now. The DIY speaker projects and products that are available on the market can compete in all
HTPC Software and Media Server as a source for your HiFi home audio system
How to use HTPC software to put together a state of the art home theater pcs that can process DSP and speaker crossvovers while also playing your favorite media files.
Thiele Small Speaker Measurements - Using T/S Parameters & Build Speakers Better
All about T/S parameters, AKA Thiele Small speaker measurements; Breaking rules on purpose is one thing. Breaking them because you didn’t do your homework
Speaker Box, Speaker Boxes, Speaker Building Made Easy & CAD Speaker Plan
Are you in the market for some great speaker box ideas? The speaker box is an important part of your home theater systems and stereo systems performance. Without a well built and designed platform-
Speaker Crossover, Active Crossover, Digital Crossovers - Which is Best?
Create a speaker crossover using the home theater PC. Compare Active crossover vs Passive crossover vs Digital Crossovers. Using the HTPC to create crossover slopes for building speakers.
Speaker Drivers for any Budget "Get the Best Speaker Kits - Speaker Design Help"
The best speaker drivers and recommendations. Speaker building and speaker design ideas to build speakers that are better.
The Custom Subwoofer Enclosure - How to Finish Speakers And Save Money
EbenLee Audio uses premium automotive finishes on all speaker models now including our custom subwoofer enclosure; this is notably very expensive. Undeniably, not all of our readers are going to be
Stereo Speakers aren't just for Music: Stereo Speaker Systems
Stereo Speakers are here to stay! Surround Sound Speakers are not the only way to enjoy your media. Better Stereo Speaker systems for the ultimate performance.
Media Center PC for the Music and Movie Enthusiast; "The Best Media Server?"
Learn how to build & set up a Media center PC, home theater PC or home theater computer. And then, we will discuss the other hardware that is critical to getting the absolute highest resolution HTPC
Best Home Theater Plan; to "get the Best Home Theater Acoustics"
Trying to come up with a Good Home theater plan? Home theater Set Up and acoustics, surround sound speaker placement. Get Free Home Theater Advice from a practical home theater guide.
Building a Home Theater Project? Build Home Theater Walls: Acoustic Principles
How to frame up walls, your own home theater room layout, and showing the basic principles of construction of building a home theater.
The Best Home Theater system and DIY home theater. The HTPC can help you do it.
The best home theater system often are built with DIY speakers or custom install speakers and HTPC's
Subwoofer Installation -"How to Find The Best Subwoofer Placement in Your Room"
Subwoofer installation is one of those annoying and important subwoofer basics that no-one wants to take the time to get ‘just right’. Yet if you want accurate sound from your sub woofer system you-
Home Theater PC - Learn if a HTPC is Right For You
Integrate the Home Theater PC into your home theater systems or home stereo speakers system for maxiumum effect
LED TV review - "Who Makes the Best HDTV?"
LED TV Review - 3D LED LCD TV and what is an LED plasma TV? Learn and get the best picks now!
Blu-Ray Players - best prices. History, technology, highest rating blue-ray disc
Looking for a great deal on Blu-Ray Players? Wide selection of blue ray, DVD players, and blue ray discs and blue ray players for your Home Theater room.
Build a Home Theater that is Better. Build Speakers. Building a Better Theater
A great resource on how to build a home theater. Everything you need on building a home theater for best performance.
Home Theater; "Home Theaters & Your HTPC and High End Home Audio Source!"
I became interested in home theater in 1995 when a friend of mine bought a high qualityTheater system. A midline home audio system - It got my interest in the High End home theater and eventually find
Donations for Home - Donate and help us keep it Free
This site is supported by affiliate ads, product sales and yes even donations. You might be surprised that without donations this site could not exist. If you've found our services useful consider
Privacy Policy - What we do with information on this site
privacy policy for Home Speaker Site. All the information offered by you is solely for the purposes of serving you better. We don't bother you with emails unless you ask us a questions. But beyond
How Home Speaker Makes Income - Why You Should do Business with Us
Want to discover how home speaker makes income? Here's the skinny on how we help you for free and you can help us too!
Best Speakers and Best Home Theater Systems: Improve Your System Now!
Looking for the Best Speakers? The best speaker and best home theater systems are held back by manufacturers. Find out why you are missing out on hidden performance. Learn how to get it back!
Home Speaker Consultation - Free! -Talk with Us About Your Home Audio Questions
For a free home speaker consultation related to your speaker and home theater questions contact us via this form. We can discuss questions you may have related to Speaker systems and Home Theater.
An Audio Shelf System that Beats All - The Mini Cube 2 Speakers Cusomer Review
I spent untold hours searching for alternatives before I came upon the EbenLee Mini Cube Speakers (MC). It already had most of the attributes I was looking for, an audio shelf system that does not
Speaker Wires: "Patented Speaker Cable Design", Affordable DIY Speaker Cable
Patented speaker wires for your diy speaker Cable design. Learn how to make some diy speaker-wire that beats other esoteric designs. Patented in 2005 - you can have the Best Speaker wire for less.
Home Audio Wiring for "Hi Fi Stereo Speakers and Home Theater Systems!"
Need Audio Cables? “Build the Best home audio wiring Using The Patented Audio Cable Plan,"Better music, accurate sound, with zero risk and less investment” Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Media Center Computer; "Looking for a better HTPC or Media Server?"
Finally! A Custom Media Center PC Solution “That Fully Delivers for Your Distinguished Needs and Tastes”: Want better audio quality from your media center computer and longer listening sessions?
Luxury Home Theater Systems can be affordable. Learn about Home Theater set up
The Best home theater systems, home theater rooms and using the Home Theater PCs in your Audio-Video system.
Best Price LCD TV and LED HDTV sets - see LED TV Review here!
Get the Best Price LCD TV: how to determine if you need an LED HDTV. 15 Flat Panel LCD TV sets reviewed to reach these stats.
Need Surround Sound Speakers? - "Custom Mini Cube Speakers - Better Sound!"
High quality custom surround sound speakers complete and fully assembled, ready to hook up to a power amp or receiver and play: "Awesome Mini Cube Speakers for an incredibly reasonable price!"
Subwoofer Reviews? This isn't one of them; Subwoofer Shopping Stops Here!
Subwoofer reviews are a bit of a waste of time. The truth is; real customers write the best reviews. Customers just like you. Not some publishing company that uses difficult to understand language
Outdoor Wireless Speakers; Latest News! Recent Technology Advances Wireless
One of the best uses for recent Wireless technology is the Outdoor Wireless Speakers System. Wireless computer speakers and multi zone outdoor speakers wireless-
Custom Speaker Boxes Built Like a Tank, Get the Best Speaker Boxes You Can Buy
The best custom speaker boxes on the planet. Get help with your design and build them right the first time. Learn how to build speakers better and have fun doing it. Build a speaker that's better, and
Home Theaters, and why your spouse should want one. The Best Home Theater System
Why Home Theaters add value and appeal to your Home. Or- how to talk your spouse into investing into surround sound systems or a theater system.
DIY Speaker Box Design; "Your Source; Speaker Building & DIY Speaker Projects"
Looking for the Best Speaker Box Design using tried and tested speaker box theory and ideas. Combine these with the finest speaker cabinet hardware and woods, shake and stir to perfection.
Mini Cube Speakers and Custom Speaker Boxes "Alternative to Bose Cube Speakers!"
Mini Cube Speakers; What's the best theater system for you? Proven speaker drivers for the best mini speakers used in these speaker designs.
Oppo Blue Ray Player and Blu ray disc players; the Best Home Theater DVD player
Blue Ray Player information HQ- Blu Ray Player purchasing tips. Get the best Blu-Ray machine for the price
The Best Blu-ray player For the $? DVD machines and Blue Ray Players Help
Buy the Best Blu-Ray Player. Low cost and High Performance Blu-ray players reviewed by smart people like you. Want high performance without the high price?
Home Theater Speaker placement for the Highest Quality Home Theater Acoustics.
What are the Best Home Theater speaker placement locations for your home theatre speakers? Locate your rePlacement speakers in the Best speaker positions for your Room Acoustics.
Home Theater Audio System; "The Home Theater Store and Home Theater Packages"
Want best home theater audio system? Learn more about home theatre speakers before jumping off the 'Big Box' store cliff.
The Best Home Theater Systems from Readers. Your Home Theater System here.
Learn from other Enthusiasts -What makes the Best Home Theater Systems? How does your Home Theater Room compare? Add your own interesting Story here and read about other's Home Theater Projects.
Home Surround Sound System?? "Testimonials Home Theater -Home Stereo Speakers"
Purchasing a new home surround sound system was a must for me. My old system looked awful and sounded even worse. The quality and look of your Mini Cube speakers were a perfect fit.
Speaker Drivers and Speaker Driver Matches for the Advanced DIY Speaker Builder
Choosing speaker drivers for your speaker build can be a daunting task. We have outlined some matches here that we’ve used and work well together. This can save you time, whether you are going to be
Finally, "Digital Audio Speakers for Less! Free Speaker Box Plans"
Your Digital Audio speakers source; DIY cable plans, and HTPC. Save money with Speaker Plans and a DIY project that beats the rest.
Bookshelf Speakers! Better Audio Performance Speakers for Less
Looking for great bookshelf speakers in all the wrong places? How many markup chains and middlemen are you paying? Buy direct now and save!
Best Computer Speakers for the Best Prices. Find the right Computer Speaker 4U
How to find the best computer speakers for your PC or gaming computer speakers? Computer Speakers and Cube Speakers for less. Mini Cube Speakers
12 Guage Speaker Wire: "Nearly the Perfect Speaker Wire for Your Home Speakers"
Why 12 guage Speaker Wire may be the perfect size speaker cable. Want to Buy Speaker Wire? Speaker Wire Size is an important measurable factor on performance.
LCD TV Problems? "LCD Monitor Problems, assessing the damage on your LED LCD TV"
LCD TV problems; Who makes the Best HDTV? LED Plasma TV problems and finding the best set for you.
Best Ipod Audio Video Cables; "Ipod Accessory and ipod Dock for less!"
Looking for the Best ipod audio video cables for your Audio system? Try these ipod Audio Cable solutions and save money! Ipod Mini Speakers and Ipod Dock stations.
Cheap Surround Sound Speakers - the "best Mini Cube Speakers money can buy!"
Cheap surround sound speakers and small computer speakers. Are samsung surround sound speakers good? Acoustic audio speakers with Super High Performance and Low Cost.
Used Audio Cables, A Great Way to Save! "The Best Speaker Wire for less""
Used Audio Cables - how to buy the best for half Price. Buy Speaker Wire and the DIY Speaker Wire instructions here.
Home Stereo Wireless Speakers, Wireless PC Speakers, & Outdoor Wireless Speaker!
Home Stereo wireless speakers and the best wireless speakers for PC. How to play your stored music files to your Home Speaker system using a High quality stereo speakers music distribution system.
Acoustic Audio Speakers - What's A Good loudspeaker? Buy Speakers Right
Acoustic Audio Speakers Data and Information before wasting money on cheap surround sound speakers. How to find the Best Floorstanding Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers and Audiophile Computer Speakers.
LED TV Review of the Samsung UN46C8000 HDTV; "Is this the best LED LCD TV?"
An LED TV Review of the Samsung UN46C8000 HDTV. Looking for a High Performance Best Price LCD TV? Look no further - we tear the Samsung apart and chew it up. See this revealing review of the UN46C800
Samsung Blu Ray Player; low end, midrange and flagship model Blue Ray Players!
Multiple Samsung Blu Ray Player reviews and tests. Three Samsung model shown, you can get the Best Blue Ray Player for your Budget. Find out which Samsung models are Flops and which one you should buy
Who Makes the Best HDTV set? Sony LED TV, "Samsung LED DLP TV and Others Tested"
Discover who Makes the Best HDTV for home theater and home video viewing? We look at some great LED LCD TV sets and compare them to one another. Samsung 32 inch LCD TV and larger screen models too.
"HDMI Audio Video Cables & Bi Wire Speaker Cables" Best Computer audio Cables
HDMI Audio Video Cables are not something to cut quality on. If you want to Buy Speaker wire or an Audio Video Cable for Ipod this is the resource you need. Get the Best HD video Capture cables here
DIY Speaker Cabinet Design; "Learn to Build A Speaker Box & DIY Speaker cabinet"
Considering a DIY Speaker Cabinet Design Project? What are the most important elements when you build a speaker? Are there any good speaker box design programs available to make the process easier?
Speaker Building and Speaker Box Design - "Build Speakers; the Best Available!"
Speaker building can be intimidating: To achieve the highest possible quality sound you should arm yourself with all the necessary DIY Speaker tools. Also, learn; how do speakers work?
DIY Speakers and DIY Speaker Cabinet Design – Learn to Build Speakers!
Figuring out where to start with a DIY speakers project is the hard part. Settling on design, choosing the right drivers, and working through the crossover issues can make some enthusiasts head spin.
Diy Speaker Building for the Beginner, Novice, and Expert. Build Speakers Better
Building a DIY speaker system is a very rewarding project. The return on your investment of time, energy and knowledge will pay you back tenfold over the years.
Building A HTPC, How To Build A Home Theater Personal Computer (choosing parts)
Building a HTPC for your home theater is one of the most rewarding ($$$$$$) projects you can take on. Yes, there are a few things you should know and buying the right components is important;
How to Clean LCD Monitor; "Without Causing Damage or Dead Pixels from Cleaning"
Avoid these actions and products when cleaning an LCD screen; How to clean LCD monitor without causing damage. Solvents – for obvious reasons solvents can literally melt the plastic screen of an LCD
Samsung Product Support for Consumer Electronics, Samsung Downloads and Samsung
Okay, I’m never quite sure why these pages are not made more obvious at electronics manufacturers but here is what you do. Click on the Samsung product support link below and enter the model number
Cheap Audiophile Computer Speakers - "Easy to Build DIY Speaker Cabinets!"
Contrary to popular belief, most speaker systems are very simple and easy to construct. Audiophile computer speakers are unique because they are even simpler than most stereo speaker designs. Learn-
Why Wireless TV Speakers? Wireless Home Theater Speakers Helper
Wireless TV Speakers offer Some Added Flexibility; But at What Price? What are the benefits of using wireless speakers? 1. Ease of setup 2. No cable from the HDTV to the speaker system
Wireless PC Speakers; "Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Speakers for PC"
Wireless PC speakers or wireless computer speakers offer a level of flexibility and simplicity for the home office computer user. By eliminating the cable that goes between the PC and the speaker
Easy Free Speaker Box Plans; "Learn to Build Speakers on a Saturday Afternoon!"
These are free speaker box plans of a small satellite speaker. You can build on a Saturday afternoon. Estimated project time is about 4 hours. Difficulty; 3 out of 10 if you are used to working
Speaker Box Plans; "The Craziest Speakers Ever! Build Speakers Yourself -Save$"
Good speaker box plans should be a huge market; Speakers are pretty easy to make and the parts are reasonably priced (mostly). But the fact is; not many hifi speakers are well engineered - Until Now!
Room EQ Wizard; "Free Downloadable Speaker Measurement Software"
Use Room EQ Wizard to measure and correct not just your speakers but your room as well. Get help with speaker box design program and room correction too!
Best CPU Fan for HTPC and Desktop PCs –Low Noise, High Performance CPU Fans
No one likes a noisy computer. If the PC is in the home theater room; the HTPC cannot tolerate the distraction of a loud PC. So the best CPU fan -is also the most quite CPU fans. Making a CPU fan
Building A Home Theater PC –Do Not Read-Only For Pro HT! Build a Better DIY HTPC
Building a home theater PC the right way will take a little bit of homework. First, what do you need this device to do? Will it just store music? Or will it store music, movies and other data? What-
Replacing CPU for your computer? "CPU Installation; an Easy Task You Can Do!"
Replacing CPU? Look into your computer case. Notice all the confusing PC parts. Now pull out your hair. Seriously, it’s not that bad! Here is an easy step by step process to replacing a dead CPU unit;
Speaker Cabinets, Speaker Components, and the Best Speaker Cabinet Design Ideas:
Most speaker cabinets construction leaves much to be desired. Its not that the speakers are put together poorly but the internal bracing and attention to detail is low. Here is a better
How to Upgrade CPU or Central Processing Unit? "Build Own Personal Computer HTPC
Learn how to upgrade CPU, or the central processing unit as part of an HTPC build -or your own computer using the best parts and hardware. You may be surprised that building your own PC is really
AMD VS Intel CPU Ratings -Who Makes The Best CPU Processor?
An Old Debate; Which is Best –the AMD VS Intel CPU? A CPU Upgrade Finder. The performance of a high quality Intel CPU is hard to ignore. They perform admirably in nearly all CPU tests. But-
Best CPU Choices, Motherboard and RAM for your HTPC; Better Parts – Better Resul
Looking for a simple solution to how the best CPU work? The Central processing Unit is basically the brains of your PC. The Central Processing Unit comprises both an arithmetic function and control
Home Sub Woofer; "Need the Best Subwoofer Enclosure Design and Subwoofer Basics"
What makes a Home Sub Woofer better than another? A Good Subwoofer takes advantage of solid acoustic theory and robust speaker box design – Why are most Subs Expensive Junk? If you have been looking
Wireless Subwoofer Basics; "How To Make Any Sub Woofer -Wireless Speaker System"
Common misunderstandings about the right way to do a wireless subwoofer system in your room. Is the subwoofer is a great candidate for using wireless technology? Subwoofer speakers;
AMD VS Intel CPU; Choosing the right CPU for Your Computer?
AMD VS Intel CPU battle: Intel offers the fastest CPU’s on the market. Better for running games and for video editing. Intel CPU’s better AMD processors in benchmark tests. End of story? Hardly!
Surround Sound System Review: "Audio System Offering Best Performance for $"
Looking for a surround sound system review with complete measurements and data to back up the claims? Why most manufacturers don't offer-
Build Own Personal Computer! "High Performance DIY Computer Repairs, HTPC Build"
If you have been trying to decide whether to build own personal computer or to just buy a retail model start with these questions.
Computer Speakers: "High performance PC Speakers and DIY Desktop Speakers!"
Computer speakers and PC home theater system discount speakers. How to get a better computer speaker system for less money. "High performance PC speaker systems!"
The Best Surround Sound System? The story of the Mini Cube Speakers
When you are trying to build your own home theater, choosing a great speaker system is the most important step. The best surround sound system...
Audio Cable Connectors "5 Easy Steps to the Right Speaker Wire Connections"
5 easy steps to the right audio cable connectors ”for your surround sound system, home theater system or stereo speakers"
A Computer Surround Sound Speaker that's Better; "Beats Sony Computer Speaker!"
This computer surround sound speaker is the last speakers you will ever need. Get the best quality laptop computer speakers now and enjoy them for a lifetime. Full surround sound speakers from your PC
Are DIY Computer Speakers in Your Future? Learn to Build Awesome Speakers You L-
5 Reasons you need diy computer speakers. And 3 reasons you don't want to buy the off the shelf models. Get a better speaker system for you PC now
ESI Julia Soundcard Review; Turn Your HTPC into a High End Home Theater Computer
We use the ESI Julia soundcard (Juli@) to set up room correction and digital speaker crossovers in a HTPC. This is a fine soundcard if you need a solid digital connection.
Crossover Network; "Build A Speaker Crossover Using an HTPC"
Build crossovers for you Loudspeakers. Easily use the computer to model and build your crossvoer network. Best results the first time. Take the guesswork out of the speaker crossover network.
J River Media Center Review; "Don't download J River, If you do, You'll Buy it!"
If you have been looking for a media player to replace the Windows media player, look no further. Find out why here, J River Media Center review by Home
Echo Audiofire 8 Review; The Best Firewire Interface (DAC) for the Dollar?
I have to say that this DAC/ firewire interface is an excellent product to be sure. For the price; I’m not sure it has an equal. I realize there are better quality devices. An Echo Audiofire 8 review
Best Computer Motherboards? Asus Motherboards, MSI, Gigabyte, Which Is Best?
Choosing the best computer motherboard has never been easier. Just get an expensive one! Motherboards from Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte are among some of the best computer motherboards, but -
Foobar 2000 Music Player, This Media Player for Your HTPC Works!
If you have been searching for a non bloated approach to a music player Foobar 2000 might be just your ticket. I used Foobar 2000 music player to replace my iTunes music player and never looked back.
How To Overclock CPU? Easy to Follow Steps To Overclock CPU in Your HTPC
Most of the CPU and motherboards available through retail computer manufacturers cannot be overclocked</h3> If you want to learn how to overclock CPU of your computer, go with a custom built PC.
Subwoofer Placement and Subwoofer basics 7 Ways to Better Bass!
Subwoofer placement in your room has a huge effect on the type of bass you will achieve. By placing the sub close to a wall you will receive a 3 db increase in volume level. By placing in a
Speaker Box Carpet to Finish Your Speaker Cab "DIY Speaker Building Made Easy"
Fix your speaker box carpet or finish those new speakers the right way. The best speaker box carpet for your DIY project.
J River Media Center Use Droid Phone as Media Center Remote Control
Get a better Windows media center with the JRiver Media Center and control your Media with a Droid or iPhone. Learn how to set it up here.
The Best Computer Speakers? Add a T Amp and Hi FI PC Audio is Yours!
Get the best computer speakers for your dollar. Real HiFi speakers for you computer desktop.
Vizio HDTV; is the Vizio XVT3D554SV The Best Deal LED HDTV?
Fairly priced Vizio HDTV - 3D LED TV with local dimming; this is a competitive price for features and performance offered. Excellent black level quality, depth, and black level detail. Excellent color
Audio Amplifier Schematic Ultimate Project: Build Your Own Home Stereo Amplifier
A neat little audio amplifier schematic I found. No I didn’t build it or design it. It was just something I stumbled across when researching about amplifiers. I think for m
Subwoofer Speakers That Rock! Better Subwoofer Design Through Engineering
These subwoofer speakers have more bracing, more internal volume, and more powerful amplifier with room correction feature. You deserve a better listening experience!
Subwoofer Box Plans and Subwoofer Enclosure Design for Advanced Cabinet Builders
Designing your own subwoofer box plans could be a game of hit or miss. You might get it right, but more often than not you may not. There is a better way.
Best Stereo Speakers? Your Last Set of Home Audio Speakers To Own
The result of thousands of hours of development time, hundreds of hours of CAD work, and hundreds of listening hours to make sure these are the best stereo speakers you'll ever hear.
Home Theater speakers - get a Home Theater Plan before you start construction.
Archives for home theater speakers and Home Theater related articles. Build your own home Theater under budget with High Performance Home Speakers.
Home theater subwoofers, High performance and Reasonable Cost Subs
High performance Home Theater Subwoofers. Bass speakers and custom speaker boxes.

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EbenLee Audio Instrument Seven Stereo Speakers

EbenLee Audio Mini Cube2 SE speakers

Customer Testimonials:

"Peter, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how impressed I am with these speakers. They are EXACTLY what I was looking for..very very small with big sound.

My wife loves them as well. They look great, and you hardly notice them at all sitting on the shelf. They integrate perfectly as surrounds. I have them crossed over at 150 as you recommended...simply fantastic. I only have about 15 hours on them so far, so I know they will only get better. You really have something here. Kelly ~ Montana USA

"Recently I came to realize that my HDTV was better than my audio system... So, I decided to piece together a better sound system... Running across your site (and these speakers) was the best thing that has happened to my home theater.

My current system is; an older receiver, a home theater PC with a blue-ray player drive, and one pair of your Mini-Cubes. (for now; I plan to buy 3 more speakers soon)" Kevin US IP#

"I ordered these speakers in the hope of bringing some life to my entertainment system... I didn’t think it would bring sound to the entire house.

These speakers not only fill my den with crystal clear sound, but can radiate music throughout the main floor of my home. Thanks for such a great product!" Celia US IP#

"After getting my system set up as you recommended, I realize I now need a better TV! These surround sound speakers are amazing! After running them in for a couple days, I decided to play some tunes, and they never once sounded distorted or strained...

While I know they should be paired with a good sub-woofer bass system, I think they sound good enough that I can wait until I have the money to buy a really nice sub." Fred US IP#

"Purchasing a new set of surround sound speakers was a must for me. My old system looked awful and sounded even worse. The quality and look of your Mini-Cube speaker were a perfect fit.

Once I reviewed the ratings and tests I knew they would be perfect. I will be sure to look for more information and products from you. I can't believe the performance of these surround sound speakers for the modest price. I would recommend these speakers to anyone! Awesome little surround sound speakers." Mike US IP#

I found these speakers by accident and after reading all the available info and after several emails back and forth with the company owner I decided I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a set of 5 mini cube speakers.

Peter was very helpful and patient and always responded to my emails within hours.

I have had the speakers set up for a couple of days and they sound great; they are everything described on the web site.

The sound from these small speakers truly is awesome.

I replaced a set of very high quality but also very large speakers and have not been disappointed... and the wife loves not having four large speakers in the living room.

The sound from these speakers really does fill the entire house, I was concerned about the small size of the speakers due to the fact I like to listen to music and movies at volumes most would consider loud.

These speakers are more than capable of playing at volume levels louder than I ever need while also maintaining very high quality sound. ~by; William (Corinth,TX)

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