Find “the Best iPod Audio Video Cables” for your Apple iPod Product

Manufacturers of Ipod Audio Video cables make bulk quantities of cables for big name brands such as the iPod and other products.239xNxIpod-audio-video-cables.jpg.pagespeed.ic.RzXCwmltNZ

One cable manufacturer will supply cables to different companies using the same basic design.

The color, style and price may vary, but the wire is basically the same…

Cables are re-branded under the labels that you see (and are familiar with) in the stores…

What does this mean for You?

Often these larger manufacturing companies make cables for many, smaller distribution companies and sales channels.

Essentially;You get to pay more for the same product at the department stores that you could get through a wholesale market chain for much less.

If you know where to look…

Cables you might need to connect your iPod

Connecting the audio video cables and ipod to your audio system;

Which is the most common and which is the highest fidelity connection?

1. Analog 1/8inch stereo jackfrom analog output to RCA male connectors. This is the most common way to interface the ipod with your media device. This is the jack used for headphones and other stereo speakers system hookups. It uses the onboard DAC built into the ipod. Wire & Cable – We carry a large selection of bulk reels to completed cables in every style and length.

2. Digital ipod audio cables from the multi pin connectorouts (usually used for syncing the ipod) A less common way of connection and thought a step up from the analog 1/8 inch stereo jack.

3. An ipod docking station with attached speakers and music playback system. Make sure that the ipod dock station you are purchasing uses the digital output from the ipod speaker dock and not the analog outputs.

The on-board analog to digital converters on the ipod are not that great. But they are typically better than the cheap docking station converters so do your home work on this purchase. Most of these use ipod mini speakers which can sound rather poor.

4. A digital transport station similar to the Wadia ipod dock.

Not exactly cheap, but this is an elegant solution for interfacing the ipod with your music system. Usually not used with ipod mini speaker but a full HiFi stereo sound system.

This is the highest fidelity method to connect to your ipod.

5. Ipod portable Speakers such as the Sonos S5: This system actually does not dock the ipod or iphone but allows the use of the iphone as a remote control to stream audio from a computer wirelessly. Read full review of the wireless computer speakers here.

Connecting your iPod has never been easier; What kind of ipod audio video cables do you need?

Dexim Ipod AV cable

You should use the solution that makes the most sense for you. In many cases this is the easiest and most practical cable. I recommend Parts ExpressWire & Cable – They carry a large selection of bulk reels to completed cables in every style and length.

It may depend on how many different devices you use with your ipod and the types of connections on those devices.

The highest fidelity connection is worthless if it is a pain to use.

Go with the cable that suits your needs the best.

Are “name brand” iPod audio video cables the best solution for your ipod?

Ipod audio video cables

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Only if you like to pay the maximum amount of dollars for the same performance you can find elsewhere.

There is not much electrical performance variations of cables between different brands.

Are there other brands of lower cost cables that will perform just as well?

Yes, and they are usually substantially cheaper than what you will find in the department stores.Wire & Cable – We carry a large selection of bulk reels to completed cables in every style and length.

These are still name brand cables but they are made by cable brands that supply many cable companies cables for them. In other words; you can save a lot of money by cutting out several middle men.

What difference will I notice between my ipod audio video cables?

You are not likely to notice any difference at all between the various cables. (cables of the same type -such as RCA’s)

There may be small changes from one design to the next but they are all very similar in build quality and sound quality.

Even a very cheap cable should sound remarkably similar to the expensive name brand ipod cables that are color coded for your device.

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