JRiver Media Center “Control JRiver with your Droid Phone As a Remote”

Want to control J River Media Center with Droid Phone for free?

This is super easy to set up and makes the JRiver Media Center an even better interface than before. Windows Media Center only dreams of being this cool… Sure, you can do this with an iPhone too… This setup is specifically for a Droid type phone.

JRiver Media Center, why is it better?

What I like about the JRiver software is the way you can set outputs for an audiophile music playback system. You can set different output types for a videophile setup. Also, you can stream music to anywhere in the home by using different Zones. (And you can control all of this with your Droid or iPhone) You can name the zones to fit your needs very easily too. First, I’ll show you how to set up different zones and then we will set up the phone so that you can see each of the zones that you have running on J River.

Set up your Zones in JRiver Media Center

      Go to Player/Zones/Add Zone, then close this screenUnder “Playing Now” you will see your new zone that has been added.
      Right mouse click on that zone and click “rename”. Change the name to whatever is applicable for your system. Your phone will notice and reflect this change if you rename it later too.

This will allow your phone to select the different zones for playback. The benefit for this is that you can set up different zones using different sound card output routings. Wiki how-to for Gizmo APP

To set up your soundcard outputs differently on each zone


      click on that specific Zone, then go to Tools/Options, click on the Audio tab and change the sound-card settings to output to a specific card. If you are outputting music you may wish to use some of the other options within the “Options” tab. Such as; using ASIO drivers if your soundcard supports them. (ASIO is the best output method if you sound card supports it)

droid phone control j river media center with droid phone

    You can also use DSP settings to up sample the audio stream the audio. Music is usually recorded at 44.1 KHz, I set my music to up sample to 88.2 KHz instead. This makes music sound a bit better on my system. For movies there are many other options including how the video is processed, so you could set movies to playback on a different Zone as well. So you could change the sound-card settings and routing to maximize playback on this Zone separately. Each of these Zones will be seen on your Droid phone, you can easily toggle between them as you see fit. Zones can also be added later such as sending audio to a second computer or to a bedroom even. When you add a zone, your phone will note the changes and show the new “Zone”.

Follow these simple steps to set up your Droid phone to control J River Media Center:

  • Go to Tools/Options/Media Network
  • Select “Use Media network to share this folder and enable DNLA
  • Select “Authentication”
  • Enter user name and password in the required fields
  • Download “Gizmo for J River Media Center”
  • Or you can also access the APP from “market” on your Droid phone.
  • Download the app to your phone
  • Install Gizmo on Droid phone after downloading from online site or “market”
  • Start Gizmo within Droid phone
  • Enter Access key on phone (shown in the screen on J River you just finished)
  • Enter user name and password into Droid phone
  • Select the Zone you wish to play and select the album, movie, or file you wish to play You will have control over all playing functions of each Zone independently.

Helpful Tips

Your sound card options shown in J River Media Center will be dependant on your sound card and its capabilities. More expensive, high quality sound cards tend to have more options and also usually include ASIO drivers. If you want the best audio, go for this type of soundcard. I used an Echo Audiofire 8 firewire interface/soundcard for this review. Standard definition Music is 44.1 Khz, which can be up sampled within J River. Standard definition Movies are recorded at 48 KHz.

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