LCD TV Problems; Where do you turn for LCD and Plasma Repairs?

Overall, LCD TV problems are pretty rare.

LCD technology has become very advanced in the last 5 years and reliability has come to the point where the companies are extremely competitive.LG-22LE5300-22-Inch-720p-60-Hz-LED-LCD-HDTV

Inevitably there will always be a specific model that slips through the cracks and becomes a head ache for both the manufacturing company and for some consumers. Read about my LED, LCD and

best price LCD TV pics here. HDTV sets recommended by Peter Selby.

Problematic products

Poor products are not in the best interest of either the company or the end user. Reliability issues from LCD displays get on everyone’s nerves.

Don’t assume that the company doesn’t care if you experience difficulty with a particular unit.

The company does not want product problems because they don’t want to mess with faulty units.

They want to make more sales. And this is what drives them to produce products that are very reliable.

So, how can you know that you are buying a product with a good record for reliability when the product is brand new?

Well, you can’t, but you can look at the reliability of the company for products produced in years past.
•  How does the company rate compared with their competitors on a wide variety of products?

Are there many negative reviews on the web about your particular item?

Are they a well recognized Electronics Manufacturer with a good reputation?

o  Some of the better companies for customer satisfaction are Sony, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Samsung.
Do a search online for your specific issue. It could be image flicker, video drop outs, or whatever.

What is the best way to find solutions to your particular LCD TV Problems?

1. Call to see if the unit is still under warranty. Hope you got lucky on this one. Don’t delay, missing the warranty period by a number of days will end in denial of the claim.

2. Contact the company – do they offer some type of repair program? Faint – when they tell you the rates…

3. Do a search with your own description of what the set is doing and read the search results that come up. See how others are fixing their sets. Evaluate if you are capable of figuring it out. If not…

4. Use the online help from the manufacturer

5. Take your set to a local TV repair shop.

6. Trash it and buy a new one.

7. Use this for an excuse to upgrade to a bigger or better set. Focus on the positive!


LCD TV problems can be overcome in a variety of ways but have one thing in common-

They are extremely frustrating, because they come at a time when you want to use the HDTV set.

You may intend on watching a movie or the news and the dumb thing won’t work.

It’s enough to make a person throw the object of frustration out the window. (I’ve heard of that happening.)

But, like all mechanical devices LCD Monitor Problems can be solved, you just have to find it.

Then you can decide if it is ‘WORTH’ fixing.

Start with the numbered list above. Or take the suggestion of item #7 and just upgrade. You can guess which is going to be more fun!

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