LED TV Review and How to get the Best Price LED TV

Lately, I’ve been totally caught up in the new LED TV review mode.

Not the kind of review where I examine a hundred different products trying to find the cream de la cream.

I do the kind of reviewing that most anal retentive consumers do when they are extremely tech nutty…LED TV Review Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV

…about new and exciting technology that drops onto the market.

You know who I am talking about – if you are reading about this – you may be one of us too.

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Why have I been reviewing HDTV sets?

I’ve been doing this LED TV review because I want a new HDTV set for myself. So, being the nerd that I am I have been spending some time on research.

I may as well give you the last paragraph at the beginning.

You know that you are want to skip down to the bottom of the page and read the summary anyway -so I’ll just save you the trouble and give the results right here:

Edited: 08/02/11 – Sony LED TV review; the Sony LED TV Bravia XBR-55HX929 3D HDTV

LG Infinia 55 LE 8500 review

Vizio HDTV review Vizio XVT3D554SV

In the LED HDTV segment – Samsung is stealing the market. There I said it. As of 06/16/2010 when this article was written Samsung DLP LCD TV sets are outselling and outperforming everything else on the market. Done – go buy your new Samsung HDTV – read about the UN55B8500 LED_TV Review here.

I don’t plan to give you specific model numbers on this page or tell you what you should purchase.

But I will show you what to look for and some things to consider along your journey.

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Number one:

Just because you may not want 3D technology right now does not mean that you should not get a HD 3D TV set.

Why? Because the 3D sets can display 2D HD images in addition to 3DHD and if you change your mind after seeing some crazy film that you fell in love with, it couldn’t hurt to have the thing sitting in your living room.

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Number two:

You must consider your satisfaction of use and upgrade path. Don’t buy a set now if you may want one substantially larger in 12 months – spring for the big one now.


3D LED HD TV Warnings – LED TV review report from Samsung Warning Labels:

Here is a list of warnings from the manufacturer (Samsung) about 3D technology.

Again, I’m not overly hung up over this because I plan to get a 3D TV and use it for regular Blu Ray Discs – not 3D Blu Ray. A friend of mine has some of his own LCD TV reviews check them out here.

If, in the near future I find that I want to go full 3D all I will need is the 3D disc player.

I plan to see how many reports of weakened vision and accidents from watching 3D TV first – just to be safe. Read on…

  • “Children and teenagers may be more susceptible to health issues associated with viewing in 3D and should be closely supervised when viewing these images” Samsung said on its website.
  • “Some viewers may experience an epileptic seizure or stroke when exposed to certain flashing images or lights contained in certain television pictures or video games.
  • “If you suffer from, or have a family history of epilepsy or strokes, please consult with a medical specialist before using the 3D function” Samsung says.
  • It’s not just those who are already aware they might have problems that are at risk though.
  • “Even those without a personal or family history of epilepsy or stroke may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause photosensitive epileptic seizures” said Samsung.
  • “Pregnant women, the elderly, sufferers of serious medical conditions, those who are sleep deprived or under the influence of alcohol should avoid utilizing the unit’s 3D functionality.
  • “Viewing 3D television may also cause motion sickness, perceptual after effects, disorientation, eye strain and decreased postural stability”
  • Samsung are recommending that viewers take frequent breaks from watching 3D TV in order to lessen the potential effects.
  • “If your eyes show signs of fatigue or dryness or if you have any of the above symptoms, immediately discontinue use of this device and do not resume using it for at least thirty minutes after the symptoms have subsided”

Okay, so the list is a bit morbid and scary; I plan to wait a while and see if there are any serious reports of lost vision, etc. Before I start viewing in full 3D.

Before the 3D market opened up, Samsung had the monkey in the bag with the LED HDTV’s.

Summary – LED TV Review:

My friend is an installer for a local high end electronics dealer (Audio Etc. in Dayton, Ohio) and he says that “Samsung has got it going on!”

In fact, he has been saying that for the last two years. It seems the online media is reporting similar results. Draw your own conclusions folks!

When I do get around to buying my new set it will probably be a Samsung.

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