Did I hate this TV set? “LED TV Review of the Samsung UN46C8000 HDTV”

I’ll just warn you now; the LED TV Review of thiSamsung UN46C8000s Samsung UN46C8000 is going to start out a bit ugly.

But no, I didn’t hate this set…

…there were just a few things about it that drove me nuts.

These issues may not bother you

My complaints about this HDTV set may or may not bother you at all.

Is this is a good HD set for you?

Over the last few months I have been researching this HDTV for an LED TV Review set of articles I will be writing. This set was chosen in addition to several others that I thought would help the most shoppers as possible.

I should point out that I am always looking for my next gadget purchase and this review is the exploration to that end.

During that time I kept running across positive reports from purchasers on Amazon about this Samsung DLP LED TV review so I decided to check it out myself.

And being a good excuse for “Christmas in July” it seemed like a fine time to try something out before I made my next purchase.

LED TV Review of the Samsung 46in 8000 series – here is what I found:

The outside appearance of this unit is very nice. But I think some of you may not like the more contemporary appearance and may wish for something a little more conservative and basic.

Also the screen is shiny, meaning that light and light sources you have in your room may cause glare on the screen. This can be very distracting when watching a program while the lights are on.

I actually like the look of a shiny screen but they do not work well in all environments. A matte or flat low gloss screen is probably a better choice for a high definition TV.

Upon viewing the picture for the first time at the beginning of this LED TV review I noticed that the black levels were extremely dark.

Flash-lighting and hazing was almost nonexistent. In fact I could only really see a glow when closed captioning was enacted.

Okay, so what didn’t I like about this LED TV Review of the Samsung 46in 8000 series?

Like so many things in life quality comes at a price. Sometimes that price is performance. Wait… what was that… performance?

Why would lower performance come at a higher price?

Because when a product tries to do too many things perfectly it will often mean doing some things at less than the highest standard.

This LED 3D review of the Samsung UN46C8000 was the perfect example of too many bells and whistles and not focusing and doing a few things really well. This set tries to do everything and fails to deliver with several tasks.

So what is it lacking?

In the case of this LED TV Review on the Samsung UN46C8000 3D TV set, the performance that suffered (for me) is the user interface.

Who would care about the user interface you might ask?

Annoying perfectionist like me care about the user interface, and you might too consider how you plan to use the HD set.

The menus are a kludge.

The remote is a complete pain to use.

Get a macro programmable remote or smash this one on the wall, whichever comes first.

You often have to go several levels to access what you are after. And from one channel to the next you may need to make changes in the viewing options for optimal performance.

Then you go several layers into the nested menu again to correct for the next channel, repeat again on the next channel, etc. etc.

Okay, so I’m making this out to be a bigger deal than it is. I just want you to know; if you are a technically oriented person (anal retentive like me) you may have some frustration with this HDTV. (This is while watching broadcast HDTV, not HD blu ray discs. Blue Rays and DVD’s are much more consistent in video quality)

Another thing that I noticed during the Samsung C8000 LED TV review was off center viewing was not very good.

If you are off center by more than 5 feet sitting 12 feet from the screen the black levels suffered considerably.

I honestly don’t care about this much either since most of my movie watching is done with my wife and we don’t take up much space. (Besides, she always lets me sit in the middle seat.) But if you were having family movie night, the outside viewers may notice the lack of contrast in the picture from the sides.

My gripes above probably have more to do with broadcast HDTV and the whack-jobs doing the video editing. The HD video recording techniques and expertise are what determines how this very accurate HD set will output the picture.

It really is a transparent window into the picture that was seen on the recording set. Because of this, you get both good and bad depending on the talent and equipment of the HD recording engineers and editors.

They most glaring culprit I encountered was what others call the soap-opera effect. (This is a halo or haze to the picture that constantly had me going in and out of the menu system.) I ran into this while optimizing the set for one channel, then when going to the next was hit with Soap-Opera-itis, and the wonderful glowing picture. The setting that would work for one channel caused a glow for the next- so back and forth I went.

I could be wrong, but what created this problem may be that the picture is of such a high resolution and quality it shows flaws in the recording.

Any time you introduce high resolution and high quality, whether it be audio or video- some things that were once beautiful become less so when you see the makeup for what it really is.

I think this is precisely what this set does. The Samsung UN46C8000 3D HD brings out all the flaws in the recorded media with all their warts and glory. (I think my real annoyance though is that in trying to fix this I had to go into the menu system every time I wanted to correct it.)

Why can’t Samsung make the presets just be saved and have a quick button to access it, a one button click and you are there? You could go to a channel then hit another button to enact the filter that you need to optimize that channels picture? Wouldn’t that work?

That is the bad news… Here is the good news about this LED TV Review:

The Samsung UN46C8000 really is a revolutionary product that breaks many barriers for the price being asked. (Even though it is not cheap) Namely 3D!

The picture quality is outstanding.

The 3D quality is very good.

The black levels are very good.

The color is awesome.

And, the overall viewing experience is way above average for an LCD display.

On BR discs the picture was much more consistent and refined than broadcast HDTV channels that I was whining about earlier.

The picture is awesome on Blu Ray Players – Really awesome!

In fact if you do most of your viewing using a blu ray player you probably won’t even care about my above gripes. Or maybe you could use a macro controlled remote and program it to do what I mentioned above.

Either way it is unlikely that you will be unhappy with the picture quality if viewing Blue Ray movies is your primary media.

The picture was extremely dark with varying degrees of shadow detail in “Dark Knight”. I could see a slight hint of inconsistency in the deepest shadows. But I really had to look to notice it and during regular movie watching did not take notice of it at all.

Seriously, I’m nit picking here -the black levels on this 3D HD set are hard to fault.

It might seem like I really hated this HDTV set:

That would actually be completely false.

The truth is I seldom watch broadcast HDTV so the problems that I had with the picture inconsistency and the menus system were a moot point.

I only noticed these problems because I initially used broadcast HDTV to see how it looked and found this an annoying problem.

But 90% of the time I don’t even watch TV. I probably watch less than 2 hours of TV per month. But I might watch a movie once or twice on the weekend.

So for me the Samsung UN46C8000 HDTV with 3D technology is close to perfect. It does everything that I need it to do and that is ‘giving me an awesome picture’.

If you care about other viewing options other than Blu Ray and DVD you may want to try before you buy. Get a remote and look around in the menus. Do they make any sense to you? They didn’t work very well for me…

Make sure you are getting a product that you will be content with. For me, even with the above gripes this is the close to perfect type of set.

However, I’m not sure if this set will fit my expectations and needs to the fullest, so I will probably hold off for a different HDTV set.

For you the off angle viewing may be the deal breaker. If that is the case I would check out the LG Infinia 8500 series that is this Samsung’s direct competitor.

I’ve heard good things about the LG too and I plan to do an LG LCD TV review of that model in the coming weeks. If you are looking for a good cheap LCD TV check out my quick recommendations list below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Oh wait… It’s only July!

Happy shopping anyway!

If 3D is not your thing here are some other LED TV Review Sets You May Want to Consider:

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LG 55LH90 around $1800 online: This set is much less expensive than the Samsung UN55B8500 model and it is nearly as good. Black levels are a bit more splotchy (not major).

Samsung UN46B8000 $2000 online: (Amazon) offer incredible black levels and performance.

Samsung LN46B750 $1350 online: (Amazon) This set is not an LED but you may be hard pressed to notice. Very nice LCD TV Review set example.

Samsung LN40B650 $1000 online and is a good value set that outperforms most sets in this price range.

LG 37LH30 $700-$750 online: This budget 37 inch HDTV does not have a perfect picture due to uneven screen brightness and black levels but performs very well within its price constraints.

Vizio VO320E $500 online: 32 inch budget display is a great set with good overall picture quality.

Vizio VA19L around $200: 19 inch budget display has a great image and would work well for a kitchen, bedroom, or patio set.

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