We Test the LG 55 inch LCD TV LG Infinia 55 LE 8500: Get Better Results, Lower Prices!


An HDTV buyer guide for the LG Infinia 55 LE 8500 series

Sorry, this is a 2D set, not a 3D HDTV.LG-Infinia55LE8500

Not that I really care about that. As such, I think this is a nice HDTV at this price.

This is a single pane design, meaning the front glass goes all the way to the edge of the television.

It looks sleek and stylish.

This set is only 1.4 inches deep so you have plenty of mounting options without the set needing to hang off the wall very far.

This is a simple looking, but obviously high end product. It’s attractive to be sure.


LG Infinia 55LE8500, Nice HDTV for less :

Very good black levels, at least in regards to the depth of the black level. Excellent detail in the shadows too. These are some of the best black levels on any TV I’ve seen. Excellent blacks for an over 50 inch LCD TV.

Very good color saturation, accuracy and ambient levels in individual colors. Color is just awesome on this set, if that is important to you, you will be hard pressed to find a better set than this one.

Pretty good off angle display for viewers not seated in the coveted ‘sweet spot’.

The looks of the TV itself is very nice. Stunning actually…

Subdued, with no flashy logos or advertisements on the set, you can set it up to only display the picture when viewing in a dark room. No other lights appear, this is a nice feature and is less distracting than some others.


Somewhat expensive.

When viewing mostly white screens you may notice bands or stripes in the image. This banding can also show up on solid images of color.

I thought the widgets were pretty lame. And, there was some screen glare that bothered me a little. Bright room performance isn’t that great compared to other sets in this price range.

The black levels are a bit uneven and splotchy – if you will. This is compared to some of the more expensive sets like the Sony XBR-HX929 series, which are a bit deeper, richer, and more even. This is maybe a minor gripe as in the price level the performance here is very good. If you want better blacks you have to step up to the Sony, or go with a plasma set.

Final Analysis:

The cons above are not enough to keep the LG Infinia 55 LE 8500 from being one of my favorite sets.

I thought for the price that this set offered very good performance overall. While not absolutely perfect, the LG Infinia 55LE8500 is a great TV that you will probably be really happy with if you buy it.

I know I would be happy with this one for sure. Get the LG Infinia 55LE8500, Nice HDTV for less
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