One Touch Home Theater

If you plan to setup a one touch home theater some simple concepts will apply. There are systems that can control it all. And there are some that can easily do macro commands (commands that include many smaller commands all rolled into one). But these systems need to be properly setup by a qualified licensed installation expert. control4-controller

A friend of mine installs Control4 Systems for a living. He has installed nearly every kind of system in his career, and he claims the Control4 system is simply one of the best. Not only that, but Control4 is installer friendly. Why should you care about this? Because it will mean less costs and and less headaches down the road. Two things that should be very high on your ‘needs’ list.

Dealing with Dealers

As with most things when you work with a dealer you will pay significantly more, but you also will not have to learn how to program, or mess with the setup. You simply open your wallet up big and wide and let them reach in to take out loads of cash.

All joking aside, dealers can be worth it to some people. Many home audio and video enthusiasts are not interested in learning the ropes of a one touch home theater or how to program such an animal. For these customers a dealer is best, and this is perfectly okay. Get a dealer.

Install Yourself?

iPhone App for Control4 – quite beautiful in simplicity

According to Control4 you cannot buy Control4 systems yourself and install them. They need to be installed by a licensed professional according to them. There is quite a bit of training involved in setting them up.

A way around the red tape?

However, that being said there are a few select individuals who have managed to install their own systems, but with the help of an installer. This takes a collaboration with the dealer and homeowner and you better know your way around equipment, computers, and the like to ever get anywhere near completing the project.

This can be done and at a significant savings compared to through the dealers. The only trick is, you have to find a dealer willing to work with you, and have to be able to convince them you will not be more trouble than you are worth. Then you have to be capable of getting said system to work once you get it all installed.


One Touch Home Theater

Setting up a one touch home theater is not and will not be cheap to get installed either through a dealer or if you find a way to install it yourself. There are cheaper systems than Control4 but I have my doubts as to their user friendliness, support, or reliability. Control4 is simply the nicest system to work with from an ergonomics perspective once installed.

My friend installs these systems all the time. His clients are typically fairly wealthy and don’t need or want to bother with knowing how or why they work. If this is you and a hands off dealer approach is your idea of perfect, then go over to Control4 and find a dealer near to you.

The rest of us

So what do the rest of us do? Find a dealer to source the equipment and composer HE software. You will also need to learn how to use it of course. Is it possible? Absolutely. Have I done it? No.

Do I plan to? No.

I don’t mind pushing a few power buttons on my PC to get my whole system running. That’s just me. Everyone is different, and with home audio/video there is no right and final answer. Its all about what you want.

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