Technology Advances have Made Outdoor Wireless Speakers worth Listening to!


Finally, a Decent Outdoor speaker!

Outdoor Wireless speakers can offer an incredible level of functional convenience to your life.

You can go about your daily activities, cleaning up the yard or enjoying some music

You can play pool in your entertainment room all without having a dedicated music system installed.

sonos s5 wireless outdoor speakers

And you can access your music files on the PC or Mac that is located else where in the home or office.

All you need to do is plug the portable wireless speakers unit in to an AC outlet.

Basically, this means you can access your stored music from anywhere that you have power to plug the unit in and within range of the wireless doc connected to the PC or Mac.

The Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers?
No question; the Sonos Play5 and Play3 wireless speaker systems

Sonos Wireless Music PlayerBut this unit is not limited only to the outdoors:

This is an all in one product that houses the speakers, amplifier, and receiver that receives the signal from the Sonos base unit.

You can even control the unit (or multiple units separately) with your I-phone or a wireless remote (either or).

Sound Quality – from Wireless Outdoor Speakers

This is no cheap piece of junk music player. It also is not an audiophile, high end piece of equipment. It fits nicely above the price range and budget that it resides and offers great features and performance far beyond the price. Sonos Wireless Music System – Superior sound meets unlimited music. Play iTunes, Pandora, Internet Radio & More. Watch the Demo.

You may wish for a higher quality wireless speaker systems option, if you do – check out one of Sonos other wireless options.

Some of their other systems are built to plug directly into your Hi Fi stereo system or receiver.

This is not a wireless home theatre speakers system. It is more of a music enjoyment system. I enjoyed listening to it while in the kitchen or working on outside projects. Sonos has other wireless solutions available on their website.

Summary – Wireless Speaker Review:

If you are interested in an easily mobile, convenient, and high performance outdoor wireless speakers system the Sonos Play5 is the model to beat.

I don’t think there is any other product on the market that offers this set of features and performance. Sonos is the target to beat and they have set the bar very high.

There are several companies that attempt to position themselves against this product as an I-phone dock. These stations also will recharge the I-pod at the same time.

The Sonos does not have this feature. Sonos did NOT make a mistake here. Think about it – you plug your I-phone into your computer or recharging station at night… It charges while you sleep.

So why would you need to use a docking station that plays back?

Plus, the I-phone is only controlling the unit – not playing the music. Battery life will not be drained as playing back music via headphones.

Use your iPhone to control it

In my opinion it is more comfortable to have the I-phone in my pocket where it is most easy to control the unit, without getting my lazy butt off the chair to go to the I-pod or I-phone (while docked) and change the song or a setting.

The software does it all for you through the I-phone. And you can do it sitting on the couch. Sonos: Undock your iPhone. Unlock the Music. Watch the demo.

The competition (none legitimate that I’m aware of) will have a difficult time matching the Sonos S5 for features and performance in the category of Outdoor Wireless Speakers. Or any other home wireless speaker system for that matter.