Room EQ Wizard: “FREE downloadable Speaker Measurement Program”

Room EQ Wizard allows you to place a microphone in your room and measure the response of the speakers, the room, and how they interact.

This is useful in a variety of ways;

1. Measure the response of your speakers

2. Measure the room response with your speakers playing test tones.

3. Measure with the intent of creating a room correction inverse filter; this filter system would correct for peaks created by the dimensions and boundaries of your room.

These filters can be exported as WAV files and used while playback of any stored music file correcting the output as it plays. It works great.

Other Uses:

You can also use this measurement software to apply correction slopes from within the EQ slope legs of a digital software crossover. I have used both methods, the first using the inverse WAV file is simpler to set up, either will give excellent results and is well worth the effort.

Room EQ Wizard can also be used with a Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro and some TAG McLaren preamplifier models. The way I use it is with a PC.

It may be a bit beyond its original design intent, but this software can be used to implement digital room correction for an HTPC or Home Theater Personal Computer. (For making the measurements anyway)

This is the way I recommend using it. But it has many other uses as well so I thought I would list them here straight from the product description page.

Here is the Features List from their site:

• Support for Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro models DSP1124P and FBQ2496, including filter setup via Midi (Midi interface required).

• Support for the TMREQ equalizer in the TAG McLaren AV32R DP and AV192R AV processors

• Signal Generator offers sine waves, square waves, linear and logarithmic sine sweeps, random pink noise (full range, speaker calibration, sub calibration and custom filtered)

• Compensation for C-weighting when using an external SPL meter as the input

• calibration files can be loaded for microphones or SPL meters

• Existing measurement results can be imported from ETF 5, text files or WAV files –(this is the type I am speaking of.)

• Frequency response measured using logarithmically swept sine signals for fast, accurate measurements with approx. 0.36Hz resolution across the measured range or via real time analyzer with up to 1/48th octave resolution.

• Impulse response is derived from the measurement, allowing spectral decay plots, waterfalls and energy-time curves to be generated. Impulse responses can be exported to and imported from WAV files with 16, 24 or 32-bit resolution.

• Reverberation times derived in accordance with ISO 3382 in octave or one-third octave bands with results for Early Decay time (EDT), T20, T30 and an optimal fit RT60 figure.

• Automatic identification of peaks in the response, automatic assignment of filters to peaks and optimization of filter parameters to counter the peaks. This filter assignment is really fun to play around with. The benefits are immediate and obvious.

• Filter settings and sets of measured data can be saved to and restored from files. The filters’ impulse response can be exported as a WAV file for use with a convolve plug-in, such as

Summary for Room EQ Wizard:

Using this measurement system will give your home theater or stereo speakers music system a more accurate presentation.

I cannot imagine having a music or home theater system without the use of this type of product.

There are other ways to achieve what this system does but they are substantially more expensive. Why bother when you can have this for a small donation?

Highly recommended!

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