Speaker box carpet serves at least 3 Useful functions


1.  Protects the cabinet woodth

2.  It aids in appearance (sometimes)

3.  It offers a ‘pro’ look (or car audio look, whichever you are after)


Speaker box carpet is just-plain-functional, if you are building your own set of speaker cabs or repairing existing monitors.

This stuff can cover up a multitude of scrapes and dents that paint just cannot match. True, it may be a little bit utilitarian and crude but sometimes that is a good thing. For car audio and pro audio, being rugged is always a good thing.

Pro speakers certainly take a beating and need the toughness of this type of finish. Most floor monitors and car audio subwoofers are covered with carpet.


Car Audio; finishing your Subwoofer box with Carpet

speaker box carpet and speaker carpet

Finishing your car audio sub woofer box is another excellent use of carpet.

Here though, the use is for different needs.

1. A nonslip surface

2. Matches the carpet in your own car or vehicle

3. Good for stage monitors and speakers

4. Good for a matt finish in some home theater rooms

Where can I find Speaker cabinet Carpet?

There are varying degrees of quality and construction of speaker cab carpets. Parts Express offersSpeaker Building – Build your perfect speaker with our parts and supplies from crossover components to full kits.

Parts Express has a full range of speaker carpet, other cabinet finishes and tons of other products you many need to perfect your speakers. Click the above link to see examples of their speaker box carpet.
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