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Speaker box plans should be a huge market…

…speakers are pretty easy to make and the parts are reasonably priced (mostly).


But the fact is; there are not very many well engin300x200xfront-baffle-edge-radius-detail.JPG.pagespeed.ic.6NNBvdlM2Geered designs on the internet or otherwise.

This ‘void’ in the marketplace due to the average DIY speaker builder not being confident enough to begin.


Some speaker manufacturers have done a good job of convincing us only ‘they’ can build speakers:

By trying to make us think that speaker design is some artistic voodoo that takes ritual sacrifices and burnt incense.

I’m pretty sure it is not…

But snake oil and myth is mostly what drive a large part of the audio community.

Speaker building is nothing more than science and engineering. There are ways to measure nearly all critical areas of speaker design.

And the differences between well designed and built speaker boxes and speaker box plans can easily be measured using these proven techniques.

Start with a Great Idea and the Speaker Box Plans of your choice:

1. They don’t have to be our plans; use whatever plans that look like the best logical choice to you. I’m just telling you that this is easily possible.

2. Use the best materials you can afford.

3. Take the time to think through the entire process and develop a plan.

4. Execute that plan.

Keep in mind the there are several critical areas of the speaker building process that will take considerable thought.

• The speaker box design

• The crossover

• The speaker drivers used

• Your other equipment

• Room correction?

Knowing what you plan to do before you do it in these areas will save you much hassle and frustration. Keep reading other pages on this site to learn more.

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