DIY Speaker Cabinet Design; “How to Build Your Own Speakers for Less”

Considering a DIY Speaker Cabinet Design Project?

What are the most important elements when you build a speaker?

– eliminate cabinet resonance275xNxinstrument-quad-mini.JPG.pagespeed.ic.VhUuJPzIpy

– cabinet materials

– crossover design

– speaker drivers

– frequency response accuracy

– time and phase coherence

Are there any good speaker box design programs available to make the process easier?

Building a speaker from a DIY speaker cabinet design plan is easy…

But, most of these plans offer little in the way of true high performance.

How Good is Good Enough for Speaker Cabinet Design?

If you go to the trouble of building your own set of speakers why not make them vastly superior to what is available retail?

Why spend the time and energy on a project that is basically a “me too” product?

I believe consumers like you and I -are looking for something better; we want higher quality, and much higher performance. But, we also want DIY speaker projects to be reasonably easy to build.

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Whether you are looking for a DIY computer speakers project, or a full sized -full range -3 or 4 way stereo speakers system.

One thing I don’t want you to be naïve about though is that this does take some time and initiative.

If you are a person that gives up easily and wants it all right now -you may as well look somewhere else.

I don’t design simple speaker plans. I design adequate speaker plans and grossly overbuilt speaker plans. And often I get confused about the difference between the two -erring on the side of grossly over built speaker cabinets. Personally, I can’t imagine it any other way. If you could hear some of the speakers I have built I think you would agree. To me its just worth it to build them right.

These are speaker plans that offer the probability of a finished product that will work, and that you will be happy with for years to come. (If you don’t give up)

But you will not be able to build them in one evening while sipping a few beers. The shortest and easiest project I offer will take about 4 hours. The most difficult plans (Instrument 2, a 3 way loudspeaker) could take upward of 200 hours if you decide to finish them (and paint) yourself.

I wrote this group of plans to help you build a speaker that is better.


More resources to back our speaker box theories:

More resources that support our theory, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.

A DIY speaker builder just like yourself:

All plans were designed in CAD.

If you build a set of these speakers you are likely to never find a set of retail speakers that look anything like them.

All design elements are a result of function over form but I try to make them look as nice as possible given the design objectives.

You may tweak, change, or manipulate the plans to suit your tastes any way you like. Just don’t manufacture one of my designs and sell them for profit.

I hope you have a great DIY speaker cabinet design experience and thoroughly enjoy the music making abilities of one of these designs.

Happy DIY’ing!

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