Need Speaker Design and Speaker Driver Recommendations?

Do you enjoy your home audio system? The best speaker drivers will get you closer to the goal

High quality speaker driver recommendations for your speaker design projects offer…

Better music reproduction… Movies Usher 8945P midrange driver picturewill come to life…

Less distortion…and less distraction. So you can enjoy your movies and music to a degree you never thought possible. The speaker driver is a very important part of this process.

Start with the Motor Quality

Low distortion motor systems are the first thing we look for. Some designers argue that distortion levels are not critical in speaker design. I totally disagree with that notion.

About these recommendations:


These speaker driver recommendations are grouped as sets. The reason for this is that these drivers work well with one another because of their Thiel Small measurements and how they perform asspeaker kits and combined performance.

Why don’t we show more speaker drivers recommended here?

We do not have an abundance of speaker pairs here because we only recommend what we like to use or have used.

You may find other speaker driver recommendations that will work very well for your speaker kits project.

Keep in mind; you need to understand how the different speaker drivers will operate with one another when used as a set.

Things you will need to know are the (all the Thiele Small parameters) natural frequency response roll off, phase, impedance, resonant frequency (FR), resistance, and the type of speakers best suited to a given box design. The Qms, Qes and Qts Thiele Small parameters are what determine the type of box a driver is best suited for.

These measurements can be added into a very simple calculator to determine your best speaker box type.

Box designs are dipole, sealed AKA -acoustic suspension, and ported. There are other designs such as horn and transmission line also but I don’t really deal with those types of designs much. That’s another project for a later time.

This site is really dedicated to sealed and dipole box designs because of their superior acoustic qualities.

If you plan to experiment with the speaker drivers on your own, you can download some measurement software and order a variety of drivers and test each of them.

I would encourage you to use the test results from respected speaker designers and use your imagination in other areas for your speaker kits.

Hi Vi B3n driver small pictureMy final suggestion is to stick with the speaker design sets recommended here and buy the sets that fit your budget.

Also, we don’t sell these drivers. You can click on a link to the Parts Express or Amazon website and enter the driver name into their search bar.

I have ordered many parts through Parts Express because they are a good and reputable company to work with.

Single Driver Speakers – Our Recommendations:

1. HiVi B3N: Here is a small mini cube speakers. Uses the HiVi full range driver.

2. HiVi B3S

3. Tangband W4-1337SA

4. CSS FR125SR

5. Fountek FR88-EX -limited bass response, very nice treble. A small surround sound speakers system. – Uses the Fountek FR88 based on our full range speaker driver recommendations.

6. Dayton RS100S-8

Some of these speaker drivers are better suited to be used with a tweeter. But with some mild EQ done within a PC all of these speaker kits

can be used effectively run as a full range driver.

Our Basic 2-way speaker driver Recommendations:

Dayton RS180 7in driver pictureBudget 2 way speakers:

Tweeter(s): Bohlender Graebener Neo 3PDR (or), Vifa XT25 (or), Vifa DQ25SC16-04 tweeter

Mid-driver: Dayton RS180 6 in driver

This set of drivers should be crossed over no higher than 2500 Hz used with a steep filter slope of 4th order. (24db per octave) There are two peaks on the Dayton mid-driver that necessitate the steep slope. If crossed over lower, say around 2200 Hz this would be less of an issue.

Middle Quality 2 way speakers:

Tweeter(s): Bohlender Graebener Neo 3PDR (or), Vifa XT25

Midrange Drivers: Usher 8945A

Hi Quality 2 way speakers:

Tweeter(s) ScanSpeak R2904/7000-09 Ring Radiator tweeter

Midrange speaker drivers:ScanSpeak 18W/8531G 7″ Revelator 8 ohm woofer

Parts Express – Go to site.

Our Budget 3-way speaker driver Recommendations:

Budget 3 way:

Vifa DQ25SC16-04 tweeter

Tangband W5-704D 5 inch driver

Dayton RSS265HF-4 10″ Reference HF Subwoofer

Parts Express – Free Shipping Every Day on most orders over $98 (Restrictions apply).

Middle Quality 3-way Speaker Design from top quality Speaker Manufacturer companies:

1. Bohlender Graebener Neo 3PDR

2. Usher 8945(a) or (p) mid driver

3. Dayton RSS265HF-4 10″ Reference HF Subwoofer or SB Acoustics SB34NRX75-6 12″ Woofer


1. Vifa XT25 tweeter

2. 18Sound 6ND430-16 mid range driver

3. Dayton RSS265HF-4 10″ Reference HF Sub-woofer or SB Acoustics SB34NRX75-6 12″ Woofer

High Quality 3-way Loud Speaker Kits:

Boelender Grabener NEO3 tweeter picture

1. Bohlender Graebener Neo 3PDR (or) Vifa XT25

2. Scan Speak Revelator 15W8531-K01 5.5in driver

3. SB acoustics 12in driver

Crossover point should be around 2800 to 3500Hz between mid-range and tweeter. Lower crossover point between 150 and 500Hz depending on driver spacing. This is a great set of speaker driver recommendations for the budget.

Extremely High Quality 3-way Loud Speaker Kit Drivers:

Scan Speak 7in mid driver picture

1. ScanSpeak R2904/7000-09 Ring Radiator tweeter

2. ScanSpeak 18W/8531G 7″ Revelator 8 ohm woofer

3. SB Acoustics SB34NRX75-6 12 bass woofer use two per speaker in sealed box configuration.

or Vifa NE315W, 12″ Woofer, 4 ohm bass woofer in ported enclosure.

This speaker parts setup when combined with a digital crossover yields one of the best speaker driver components you will find on any loudspeaker.

Properly built and designed this speaker system would be competitive with literally any speaker system in the high end market. For more help on Speaker Building go here.

Read more about Driver Recommendations, speaker enclosures and the importance of a non resonant speaker cabinet here.

Dipole Speakers, Speaker Kits and speaker driver Recommendations:

3 way Dipole:

BG neo 3PDR in dipole configuration (open back)

ScanSpeak 18W/8531G 7″ Revelator 8 ohm woofer

Exodus DPL-15 dipole subwoofer

4-way Dipole:

BG neo 3PDR in dipole config

BG neo 8PDR in dipole config

ScanSpeak 18W/8531G 7″ Revelator 8 ohm woofer

Exodus DPL-15 dipole subwoofer

Summary Data:

These recommendations are based on three things:

1. Measurement data from Zaph audio website. I thought that it would increase the credibility of my recommendations if I used a source that was completely independent from this site. We are paid nothing from Zaph Audio and John is paid nothing from me. I like his measurement data and his open mind regarding speaker design – that’s all.

2. Matching drivers measurements together based on measurement data. Drivers are matched together based on how they should perform as a set.

3. Our personal experience with these driver matches. These speaker drivers are used in a speaker design to test whether they were good matches. If better matches are found from listening, you see the results of that above.


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Happy listening!


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