Want High Performance from Your Loud-Speaker? You Need Accurate Speaker Drivers

Ready to pick some speaker drivers for your speaker design project?

Some tips before choosing speaker drivers and speaker building recommendations page.Thiel-CS2.3

1. Do you want stereo, full surround, or computer speakers, etc…

2. Be realistic: If you want extremely high quality playback sound -the drivers and speaker parts you will need are not going to be cheap.

3. Understand the different types of speaker design systems. Sealed cabinet designs, dipole speaker designs, ported speakers, transmission line, bipolar, etc…

Don’t want to build speakers and just want a small surround sound speakers system? – go here! Let us build the speakers using the right speaker drivers.

4. Know and understand speaker crossovers and speaker components -parts.

5. Use the best crossovers and slopes for your application -click here to learn more.

6. Match your speakers to the type of music, movies and Digital media material that they will be used with. If you enjoy rock band type music a planar speaker will probably not suite your needs well.

It may help to listen to a variety of speaker system types before choosing to start your project.

7. Fit your requirements to a budget that suits your needs. This will also play a part in the type of speaker system you choose to build. Whether you want full surround sound speaker or a simple stereo speaker system your budget will vary what your money will buy.

Example: The same budget will go much further if only buying a two channel stereo system. Speaker-Driver and speaker kits are extremely important for the overall quality of the loudspeaker system.

Drivers and cabinet quality probably represent close to 50% of the overall quality realized in an audio system. This is because the loudspeaker is usually the weakest link in the signal chain.

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Helping you to build an entire home speaker system or home theater is why this site was created.

Some of our recommended speaker drivers:

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Audio Technology 18H520613SD: This is a 7inch speaker driver that is well know for it’s great performance. Excellent motor design, venting and with low distortion.

This driver sees duty on some very expensive speaker systems. The downside is that it is extremely expensive at around $450.00 USD per unit.

Scan-Speak 18W8531G: This Scan Speak driver is a very good alternative to the Audio Tech driver above.

It actually has slightly better distortion figures and the cost is about half as much. This is one of the worlds best 7 inch drivers as well.

18Sound 6ND430-16: This 6 inch midrange driver was recommended by one of our readers and he was right – it’s a gem. Originally, built for use in the pro audio market it is also good for outdoor uses.

Very good performance for the price with extremely smooth response. Cost is around $130.00 per unit.

Usher 8945A midrange driver

Usher 8945P: This is the sister driver to the famous 8945. Except this driver has an aluminum silver phase plug.

The response has a small dip around 1200Hz but if used with a digital filter this is easily corrected. Distortion figures are slightly lower than the 8945A driver.

Usher 8945A: Identical to the driver above but with a black dust cover over the voice coil. Excellent motor design as well.

Great driver for a great price of $110.00 per unit. Performance is competitive with units in the 200.00 plus range. Worth every cent just as the 8945P is.

Dayton RS180: For the price, this driver is very hard to fault. It only cost about $45… The main thing you will need to be aware of is the ragged response between 3.5k and 12k.

You should use a steep crossover slope of 24db per octave and cross no higher than 2200 to 2500Hz. Make measurements and filter out the response digitally if the bumps in response are still a problem.

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