Our Best Speaker Wires – This is a Patented Speaker Cable Design

Get the Most Musical Speaker Cables for Less! Build Your Own Speaker Wires Using these Proven Plans!

best speaker wires and diy speaker cables

Your patented speaker wires blue-prints source!

Industry leading performance for less cash. Instruments sound more real and believable.

Music has a natural ease and life like rhythm.

Your family will be impressed with your creativity and craftsmanship.

You will save so much, you can spend more on your other equipment and not feel guilty.

Construct the “patented air dielectric geometry” to make this incredible speaker cable.

Performance competitive with wires costing thousands of dollars.

These Speaker Cables are worth the work to build them;

The speaker cables they produce are extremely musical, articulate and have plenty of speed and slam.

I haven’t found much of anything that could beat them.

What wire companies are they competitive with?

Maybe some $10,000 Tara Labs wires are better, but at that price, who cares?

The best part is you can build them for very little cash.

How do they work?

By removing over 92% of the insulation contacting the conductors the music is allowed to ‘breath’.

Typically; insulation adds additional resistance to the wire.

Resistance ‘slows down’ the signal flow.

This causes;

– time smear

– phase anomalies

– can blur the leading edges of transients.

All of this can make music and movie tracks sound dull in comparison…

This cable system removes nearly all of the insulation from contacting the cable.

Surrounding the wire in a bed of neutral air.

Okay, how much are the plans and what will this project cost?

The plans here are only $24.99 USD.

The other parts you choose will determine the overall costs.

If you already have the tools necessary you may be able to build them for less than $80.00. I have heard some of our customers report building them for under $50.00.

What other parts do I need?

conductors – copper wire or silver wire (I like copper best)

overbraid – decorative

connectors – to connect to amp and speakers

shrink tube

silicon caulk

No parts or materials are included although we can show you the best places to buy the parts. (see links below for parts)

This is a great project; have fun with it!

The patented plans are for personal use only. Do not reproduce these plans for resale or commercial sales

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Patent Plans – revision 2

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Where to get your DIY Speaker Cable Parts:

You can find cable parts at Wire & Cable – We carry a large selection of bulk reels to completed cables in every style and length.

For more information about these cables and how this patent came about go tothe best speaker-wire page here.

To learn more about DIY speaker-wire see this article.