Can Stereo speakers Sound Better than Full Surround?

Stereo speakers are an excellent alternative to asurround sound system. Many rooms do not have the amount of space necessary to allow a full surround system to breath.247xNxMBL-101e.jpg.pagespeed.ic.XqGH_2uKT-

If a room is shallow in depth there may not be adequate space to place the rear or side

surround speakers. And because of the shape of other rooms placing the rear surrounds can be almost impossible.

In a situation such as this, the consumer may find it a more useful allocation of funds to invest inhigh quality stereo speakers.

High Quality 2 Channel Speakers

The picture to the right is the MBL 101e Loudspeaker system. I have heard these speakers on a few occasions and can tell you without a doubt they throw a huge sound-stage into the room.

They prove the point very well that two channel can do amazing things even when watching movies.

It makes a lot of sense in some situations to focus on only two speakers.

This concept is in contrast to wasting money on more channels in a compromised home theater surround sound environment.

The benefit is that your money will buy you a much higher performance two channel system than you would assume otherwise.

People are often surprised how much of a surround sound environment can be achieved by well designed and built two channel speakers.

Not only that; but a high quality two channel system will have a musicality that few home theater speakers can match.

The stereo focused entertainment system ends up being a bit more DUAL purpose than a straight home theater system.

I think the main reason most consumers don’t go for two channel is that Home Theater has a much higher ‘coolness’ factor.

Less is More

When music is the beginning of how your system performs, as long as it was designed to output the full spectrum of sound it can also output the full spectrum of theater audio. I’m not talking about a false sense of slam and thudding like pulling up next to the car with hydraulics at the traffic light either (the one where all you hear is a one note bass sound). This is full spectrum bass where it is tuneful has tight definition and pounds you in the seat when it needs to. Music if its reproduced in all its glory (such as a concert) can do much the same thing.

Home theater is the same way. Your audio system needs to be able to produce each HZ of extension with authority or something that was recorded is going to be lost. Your system just won’t play it.

Which brings me to my next thought. Your room, and room correction, must also be up to the task. If the response in the room is causing severe peaks and valleys then what you hear, will again, not be accurate. And sometimes, it can sound downright awful in the worst situations. So take care to not be swayed by others bias. What is the right speaker setup for your room? Is it a full 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system? Or is it a simple yet elegant and powerful 2 channel system. They can both sound superb, but you can imagine how much better a 2 channel could sound if the whole budget was spent on only two speakers instead of seven speakers. Obviously, you can afford a lot more speaker.

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