Stereo Speakers Can Sound better than Surround Sound Speakers!

Home theater is not just for multi-channel anymore

The old trusty two channel is making a comeback for theater stereo speakers setups.sasha-small

Retro is the new ‘in thing’.

Actually, my kids would say that we are past the retro phase too. But the benefits for consumers is the same.

The focus is on quality not ‘wow’ factor.

Which means that consumers are looking for quality again and not necessarily just more channels.

This is good…

Stereo Speakers are obviously simpler than a surround sound speakers system.

Why 2 Channel is sometimes the better option

When investing any amount of money into your home theater system setup -the money will go much further with only two speakers soaking up the budget.

This will allow the use of much higher quality components.

If the same amount of money is spent; all else being equal, the sound quality of stereo speakers will be higher than a multichannel system.

Why choose a Stereo Speaker setup over Multi-channel?

Some like the simplicity of it. Some like the wrap around sound that a good 2 channel rig can put you in.

I love home theater stereo myself. I have always felt that any money I spent on a surround sound system would be better spent just upgrading my home theater stereo, amplifiers or sub-woofer.

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I think it is just a matter of opinion but I still love 2 channel stereo speaker systems and I have heard many, many multi channel home theater systems that boasted

state of the art Audio and Video. Once you have heard what a truly

high end home audio system can do, you will compare everything else you hear to that sound.

The loudspeaker above is the new Wilson Audio Sasha loudspeaker.

This is an excellent example of what high end stereo can bring into the home. The Sasha loudspeaker is a phenomenal transducer.

It might help win the argument for Stereo sound all by itself but it can also be used in home theater installations as well.

Surround Sound Speaker systems or Stereo speaker systems?

Am I suggesting home theater stereo instead of full surround?

Well, maybe… I think it depends on a few factors.

– Budget

– WAF (wife acceptance factor)

– Movies or Music preferences

– Gaming?

• Available space in the room – The effect of Room Acoustics and room Size It is simply easier to get stereo to sound really good. But this does not mean you should not pursue full surround.

There are many factors in setting up an effective home theater layout.

Most consumers just slap a system together and say, “I now have a home theater system”. But sadly they aren’t aware until later that it really does not sound very good.

It usually takes time to hear the shortcomings of an audio system. But once it is heard it is very hard to ignore. If you do decide to go with full surround keep this in mind when working up the budget for your system.

If you were going to spend $1000 on 2 channel you would need to spend $2500 on 5 channel surround of the same quality. Most consumers do not consider this.


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